LIBERATI - the Liberal Arts Association

LIBERATI is the Liberal Arts Association at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), BGR Campus. It aims to promote liberation, the free flow of thoughts, and social development/empowerment through events. beyond the college level, that has a practical impact on people. LIBERATI has seven committees: Events, Media, Finance & Sponsorship, Guest Relations & Hospitality, Logistics, Documentation, and Art & Decor. It also has three clubs: Community Outreach, Sustainability, and Performative Arts.

ECHO: Louder for those in the Back 

ECHO: Louder for those in the Back is the first student-run Liberal Arts initiative, a one of a kind e-magazine. It tackles topics that are often overlooked and engages with a wide interdisciplinary range of topics. The magazine’s primary goal is to address subjects with a multidimensional perspective, from a place of curiosity and to gain broader knowledge of the world as it is today. 

SDG Club

The Liberal Arts SDG Cell is dedicated to promoting sustainability and raising awareness of the UN's 15 Sustainable Development Goals. With a focus on enabling transformative change, the cell conducts a series of drives and initiatives. This includes its 'Potluck lunch series' ' Wear Handloom once a week' series, Waste reduction drive and sustainable transport awareness campaign as well as 'Bring your own Mug' initiative. All of this encourages students to engage in discussions on various sustainability themes, fostering dialogue, inspiring changes.

Performative Arts Club

The Performative Arts club includes not only dance, music, and theatre, but also fine arts. The club functions within the themes of sustainability prescribed by the programme’s best practices and is a medium to showcase the talents of the students. Till now, the club has put up a beautiful production for Libernium and multiple dance and music performances for Jharokha.

Awareness Drives 

As part of the SDG cell initiative of Liberal Arts:
We urge all our faculty, staff and students to – as much as possible – walk, cycle and take public transport options to work. It makes us and our Earth healthier. It is time to go beyond slogans and symbols by doing our bit to decongest our roads and contribute to air quality. It is time to take action. It is time to take care.

We urge our faculty, staff and students to wear handlooms at least once a week to the campus. We can show our support for India’s incredible artisans by wearing handloom clothes to work. It is also environmentally-friendly and it is time to wear it with pride.

We urge all our faculty, staff and students to take part in the practice of 'bring your own utensils',  highlighting the impact it creates on reducing the waste generated on campus. 


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