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Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Theory General introduction: Historical development of astrophysics.

Physical properties of stars: Apparent and absolute magnitude-Distance measurement techniques-Binary systems-mass determination-Surface Temperature, Spectral classification of stars-HR diagram.

5 Hrs

Internal Structure of stars: Equations of stellar structure-Hydrostatic equilibrium-Thermal equilibrium-Stellar energy sources.

3 Hrs

Stellar Evolution: The Virial theorem-Evolution near the main sequence-Star formation-Pre-main sequence contraction-Post main sequence evolution-Red giant-White dwarfs Supernova- Chandrasekhar limit-Planetary nebulae-Neutron stars-Black holes.

5 Hrs

Observational Methods: Observational methods and scope of astronomy-Celestial co-ordinates-Alt azimath system-Equatorial system-Ecliptic system-Conversion of co-ordinates-Sidereal time-Mean solar time-Hour angle calculation.

3 Hrs

Optical telescopes-Resolving Power-Light gathering power-Special purpose telescopes-Photometric instruments and techniques-CCD-X-Ray astronomy-Radio astronomy-Radio telescopes.

4 Hrs

Galaxies: Our galaxy-Rotation ,General structure- External Galaxies-groups of galaxies-Distribution of galaxies –Spectra of galaxies-Distances of galaxies-Nuclei of galaxies.

5 Hrs

Cosmology: Early models of the universe-Cosmological principle-Fundamental equations of cosmology- Important models of the universe –Red shift-Hubble’s law-Expanding Universe-Dark matter-The Big bang-Cosmic microwave background radiation-QSS model of Narlikar –The future of the universe.

5 Hrs

Recommended Reading:

1. K D Abhyankar -Astrophysics -Stars and galaxies –-University Press (India) Limited, 1992

2. Baidanath Basu -An Introduction to Astrophysics (Prentice -Hall of India Pvt Ltd)

3. Abell,G.O.,Holt,Rhinehart and Winston Inc., Exploration of the Universe, New York,1969

4. Frank H.Shu- The Physical Universe –An introduction to Astronomy University Science Books, Sausalito,California

5. Narlikar,J.V ,The structure of the Universe (1978),Oxford Univ.Press, Oxford

6. Martin Schwarzschild, Structure and Evolution of Stars, Princeton 1958, University Press

1. Temperature determination of an artificial star

2. Order of magnitude calculations

3. Night Sky Observations

4. Illustrations using Computer and Internet

5. Introduction to various Astronomical Softwares for Data analysis

6. Visit to Observatories

(Even Semester) Fees: Rs. 1500/- 

30 Hrs

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