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CS03 - Introduction to MS-Office Packages

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Teaching Hours: 60 [30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB]

Prerequisite: Nil


UNIT 1: Introduction to Computers and Programming

Evolution of Computers, Generation of Computers, Classification of Computers.  Characteristics of Computers. Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers. Block Diagram of a Digital Computer. Types of Programming Languages. Software - Classification of Software. Structured Programming. Algorithms and Flowcharts with Examples. Programming Logic.

(5 hours)


UNIT 2: MS – Word

Document design with pictures, news paper layout – editing features – bullets and numbering – columns – headers and footers – page numbers -  tables – sorting in tables – mail merge – macros- hyperlink the word documents.

(6 Hours)



Cell formatting – merge and split cells- cell border shading and pattern the data in sheet – different font settings –conditional formatting – rename the worksheet- formulae- arithmetic and logical formulae- filter options- sort options- macros- linking and embedding- charts.

(7 hours)



Inserting slides – images – formatting- application of pens –action buttons-hyperlinks-animations-headers and footers.

(6 hours)



Interdiction to databases-tables-record –field- writing query – primary key – insert a record – delete a record – edit a record – display records based on query – forms-user interface- reports.

(6 hours)

Text Book:

    Walken Bach, John;Tyson ,Herb; Wempen, Faithe; Microsoft 2007 , John wiley and sons,2009


Reference Books:

    Saxena Sanjay MS Office XP : for everyone Also Introducing MSOffice 2007 , Vilas publishing house OVT LTD, 2009
    Nelson L Stephen ,Complete reference office 2000
    Microsoft ,Microsoft office 2000 complete, BPB 2000
    Willet Edward C, Microsoft office 2003 Bible , wiley india, 2005
    Kogenet solutions, Office 2007 in simple steps, Dreamtech, 2009


Lab Programs:

MS – Word

    Prepare a document about any tourist destination of your choice with appropriate pictures and editing features.
    Prepare a News Paper Layout. Insert appropriate pictures wherever necessary. Use the following Features:

v  Three Column and Four Column setting

v  Set One or Two Advertisements

v  Use Bullets and Numbering.

    Create a Document consisting of Bio-data. It includes

v  A table giving your qualification and/or experience of work. Table should be Bordered and Shaded.

v  A Multilevel list giving your areas of interest and further areas of interest. The sub areas should be numbered as ‘a’, ‘b’, etc while the areas should be numbered as ‘1’, ‘2’, etc.

v  The information should be divided in “General” and “Academic” sections.

v  The header should contain “BIO-DATA” while the footer should have page numbers in the format Page 1 of 10.

v  Assign a password for the document to protect it from unauthorized access.

    Assume that you are coordinating a seminar in your organization. Write a letter to 10 different IT companies asking them to participate in the seminar using mail merge facility.
    Prepare a document which contains template of marks card of students. Assume that there are 10 students. Use mail merge facility to forward the marks cards to the parents. The footer for the document should be ‘CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Bangalore – 29”.

6. Create the address database of your friends, make an invitation and send it through mail merge facility.

Prepare a document about any topic in mathematics which uses mathematical symbols. (At least 5 mathematical symbols should be used). Assign a password for the document to protect it from unauthorized access. Demonstrate the use of Hyperlink Option. Write a macro that sets margins to your document, a font of size and double spaced document.



1. Prepare a pay-bill using a worksheet. The work sheet should contain Employee Id, Name, Designation, Experience and Basic Salary and Job ID. If Job Id is 1 then DA is 40% of the basic salary. HRA is Rs. 4500. If Job Id is 2 then DA is 35% of the basic salary. HRA is Rs. 3500. If Job Id is 3 then DA is 30% of the basic salary. HRA is Rs. 2500. If Job Id is 4 then DA is 25% of the basic salary and HRA is RS.2500. For all the other Job ids DA is 20% of the basic salary and HRA is Rs. 1500. For all the above Job ids PF to be deducted is 4%. For the job ids between 1-4 Rs. 100 to be deducted as Professional Tax. Find the net pay.

2. For the above employee worksheet perform the following operations

1.      Use filter to display the details of employees whose salary is greater than            10,000.

2.      Sort the employees on the basis of their net pay

3.      Use advance filter to display the details of employees whose designation is “Programmer” and Net Pay is greater than 20,000 with experience greater than 2 yrs.

3. Create a statement of Telephone Bill Charge for a customer.


Telephone Calls

Up to 150 calls            - free

151 to 500 calls           - 0.80 per call

501 to 1000 calls         - 1.00 per call

1001 to 2000               - 1.25 per call

Above 2000                - 1.40 per call

4. Using Excel project the Product sales for any five products for five years.

§  Compute the total sales of each product in the five years.

§  Compute the total sales of all the products in five year.

§  Compute the total sales of all products for each year.

§  Represent annual sale of all the products using Pie-Chart.

§  Represent annual sales of all products using Bar Chart.

§  Represent sale of a product for five years using Pie-Chart.

§  Label and format the graphs



1. Assume that you are going to give a presentation about Information Technology.

(Choose some latest technologies). The presentation should have minimum 10 slides. Insert appropriate images wherever necessary. Use proper formatting, diagrams and tables. Show the application of Pens.

2. Prepare a presentation about any general topic of current relevance (min 10 slides). Show the usage of action buttons, hyperlinks, and animations.

3. Prepare presentation about your favourite sports personality with all the features of power point. Include proper background and select different animations for the points you have mentioned



1.  Create a database called as Library. Include a table names as Book which contains Accno, Title, Author, Number of Copies and Brief Description about the book. Include another table named as members which contains member id, name, address, telephone no and membership amount paid or not. Assign Accno and member id as primary key. Display the details about the books written by the particular author. Display details about books where there is more than 5 copies of the books. Display the details of members who have not paid the amount. Delete some of the member details.

2. Create a database of Employees in an organization. Include a table which has the information about the employee’s family. Create User interface using Access to enter and modify the details stored in the employee database. Give the options for View, Add, Delete and Edit. Create a report using Access to display the department-wise listing of employees. Create a pay slip for the employees using the access reports.

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