Department of Computer Science & Engineering started of journey to produce qualified Engineers to society with variety of skills. The department offers the degrees Bachelor of Technology, Master of Technology, and Doctor of Philosophy in the areas of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology. The department has rich knowledge pool of faculty resource who are well trained in various fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Algorithms design, Cryptography, Computer Networking, Data mining, Data science, BIG DATA, Digital Image Processing, text mining, knowledge representation, soft computing, Cloud computing, etc.. The department has wide variety of labs setup namely open source lab , Machine learning lab , CISCO Networking Lab etc.. specifically for students for their lab curriculum and for their research.

The department periodically conducts hands-on workshop on recent technology like Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Machine learning etc.. for the students so that they should be updated with current technology. The department imparts teaching in Holistic method, where students who are trained under holistic education will be better citizens of Nation .The main educational goal is to prepare students for research and career in industry or in universities.