Future MUN

Facsimiles of the United Nations Committees have been ubiquitous over the years. Expectant and experienced novices, sophomores and graduates from various educational institutions have constantly devised their version of the United Nations. Model United Nations, an extra-curricular activity of international eminence, has been critically acclaimed in the Indian Sub-continent. With continuous problem solving and global acceptance of its official mandate, it has gained prominence as the absolute forum of discussion.

Future MUN is an initiative from the Department of Professional Studies’ created to simulate the vibrant global dynamics for over 3 days to serve as a platform to make a difference. It has grown ever since its inception in the year 2013. In the year 2015, Future MUN consisted of India’s best Executive Board, and this very fact had compelled youth diplomats from Universities such as Kennesaw State University of USA, The London School of Economics (LSE), Yale NUS of Singapore to sign up as delegates.