Cognito is the premier event conducted by the Department of Professional Studies. As a corporate business fest of commendable eminence, it never fails overwhelm college students across India. With exceptionally high standards, the key focus is on professionalism, teamwork, global corporate thinking and practicality.

The fest is delineated to emulate the corporate world, recreating real-time business scenarios and situations to analyze the participants and find the best among the competitors. Colleges send their best teams to participate in this electrifying fest that includes rounds based on Finance, Marketing, Human Capital Management, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Managerial skills and Stress Management.

The 2 senses of Cognito – participation and organization are carefully interwoven to form a seamless event of unparalleled competency. With working professionals judging rounds, global industry leaders providing valuable input and feedback coupled with the organizational experience, it is the prime experience for everyone involved. CIMA UK has been supporting the event over the years.

Titled Cognito Corporation, for the academic year 2015-16, the theme of Cognito was based on Conglomerates with more than 21 participating colleges from across the nation.