Upasana Belavadi, PSECO

All of us who’ve been a part of the peer education program would undoubtedly credit our mentors and the course structure with well-deserved praises. But nonetheless how true it is, I want to emphasize on the very fundamental and simplistic ways in which this program might have changed my perspective on life. One thing I can proudly say is that over the span of six months, I have gradually developed a better understanding of myself and have worked towards distinguishing my sense of identity from others’ opinions. Each session was so wonderfully curated to address specific aspects of our individuality, and personally, some of the most impactful sessions were those that helped me identify and work on my attitude, self-esteem, managing negative self-talk, and planning my goals and working towards it. The community-like feeling with the mentors and my fellow educators definitely made me feel less alone during the difficult time of the pandemic and I sincerely cannot appreciate enough the compassion and knowledge that our mentors showered us with. I hope my future holds the opportunity to come across similar courses again!

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Aparajita Pauranik, HEP

My experience with Peer ed classes so far has been very rewarding and productive. The mentors always ensured that the sessions are tailored for us in such a way where we do not feel pressurised and also learn something new in every session. With the ongoing pandemic, these classes have really been the silver lining. Admist online classes, assignment deadlines and webinars to attend, the peer ed classes gave me a chance to reconnect with my true self and work on my personal growth. These classes taught me many things, for example, how to practice self awareness better, how to manage negative self talk and how to set values, goals and develop an action plan for the future. I'd also look forward to the mentor meetings with Deepa Ma'am as she would not only clarify the doubts we had in the past week regarding classes, but also create a positive and safe atmosphere for us to share our thoughts.

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Rhea Rose Abraham, HEP

Peer ed has been the most interactive class we have had in the last semester and one that actually isn't stressful. In fact, it's helped me worry less, overthink less and just focus on doing what I can. The mentor meetings are especially nice, it's the closest thing we have to an actual offline class right now. Turns out counselors are actually pretty approachable. Peer ed just takes seemingly abstract concepts like self awareness and emotions and presents it in very practical, applicable ways. It's been really helpful so far and probably the most useful cc I've taken.

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Risheek Banerjee, ISH

At first when Deepa Ma'am approached me to join the Peer Education program at Christ University I was excited but mostly sceptical looking at the end-results they offered since they seemed too good to become true. Undoubtedly having do such a program without physically being present with each other is a pull on all our abilities. However, I would suggest everyone who's reading this to take up this program if you want to understand yourself better and look at your friend's emotions with a different perspective. Deepa Ma'am is an incredibly fun, knowledgeable and modern mentor to have on your side. Moreover, this program is built around a student's lifestyle and shows you different ways of perceiving problems making the solutions easier to come.I'd like to state that I'm not forced to advertise this program and it is my personal recommendation for others to give it a try since this program is not like any other you will find on campus and it is truly an honour to be selected for this. –

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Ritika Mukherjee, PSECO

Peer Education has changed the way I approach life and has made me look inwards for all my difficulties. It has helped me introspect better and hopefully, I would be able to implement these positive changes to my fellow peers as well. Thank you for everything." 

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Dheeraj Adari, CBZ

The pandemic and the lockdown have been torturing for many while a boon for some. I somehow found myself in middle ground back in June. Though I did miss the college and interactions with friends, I looked at this quarantine as an opportunity to heal my “flaws” and evolve into a better individual.
I tried meditation, affirmations, shadow work and what not. They were helping, but only to an extent. Something was missing, the base part of the puzzle was absent. Then came the information about the Peer Education online classes through mail in July. I didn’t sense any excitement, rather I felt numb. “It’s just another CC,” I thought.
Now in November, as I think and reflect about it, enrolling into this amazing course is arguably the best decision I’ve made since the past few years. It is way more than JUST ANOTHER CC. The void that I always struggled to fill was just an illusion; and I could realize this only because of PE.
Somehow all seems normal, but everything has changed.
The colors look brighter, 
the world seems happier, 
the people I’ve always known seem more interesting; 
the past looks like a dream, 
the future looks bright, 
while the present is touching perfection. 
And mainly, I somehow feel I’m not boring.
The jigsaw feels complete. But I can’t help but wonder how all of this could’ve been offline. It would be more intense and awesome. I can only imagine.

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Mohammed Zaid, BCB

Life was going pretty much normal until this year. It was like everything turned upside down as soon as the pandemic started. Initially everything was going accordingly but as the pandemic became the new normal, everything came to a standstill. The concept of online classes came into existence which had its own dimension of everything. Life started becoming more and more hectic day by day. It took some time but finally I got adapted to it and everything started coming in place one after another. Staying inside our home 24/7 with Indian parents and not being able to see friends made it even more difficult. There was a feeling that our life was going on without any reason and means to continue further. Even if we talk to someone, it wasn’t helping as they themselves were low and distressed due to the pandemic. Everyday seemed low and meaningless, until I joined the peer education program. My way of looking into life changed with the progress of the course. Every session was unique in its own way, be it self – awareness, life values or goals, negative self – talk or even healthy boundaries, every session was so fun and interactive. The way everyone would respect each other without judging anyone was the best part. Every session had its own way of teaching a new thing. I had got another friend in the form of my mentor. Our Mentor helped us understand our problems and the ways to tackle them with ease. The positive messages that we would share in our group inspired me each day to live life to the fullest. Even though I haven’t met everyone in our group in person. I feel a unique connection with each one of them.  The class made me understand myself better which was a unique experience. Personally I came to know how to tackle tricky situations and come out of them and how to gain confidence. Last but not the least, being a helpful person, it helped me a lot to help others during these tough times, for which I am grateful to this course and thankful to each and every person who made this course possible even during the pandemic. 

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Kevin J Antony, BCZ

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” - Sir Edmund Hillary I always wanted to be a leader, I wanted to be extraordinary. That’s what brought me to Peer Education. I’ve had my share of failures in life but as they say “failures are the stepping stones to success”. I never had the right tools or resources to shape my life. I have been fortunate enough to be admitted to this excellent course. Peer Education cut and polished my life that had no shape into a precious best version of myself. At Peer Education, they program your mind for success. My beliefs and perceptions changed for good and now I see the world in a broader perspective. I developed confidence, sense of self worth, spontaneity and happiness after my sessions with my mentors. I’d rightly say that this course was the turning point in my life. From an average student to a strong person with clear goals and principles, I owe it all to my mentors and my friends at Peer education. The course helped me to realize that everything we seek is within us and to accept and approve of my true self. My mentors were exceptional! The amount of wisdom and knowledge I gained from them is invaluable. The sessions were well planned and executed. Our doubts and queries stirred up more excitement in the class and they were well explained by our mentors. Spending time with our personal mentor was amazing. Discussions and recreating real life situations to learn was so much fun. We worked in teams and it brought out team work and leadership. We, peer trainers have the confidence and desire to train and inspire others. As a result of the training I’ve experienced exponential growth in my life. I’m sure that with all our training were one step ahead of others and it is our responsibility to help, support and motivate our peers for better results and a happy and peaceful life. At peer education we strive to live up to the expectations of the University and the course. Improving oneself and improving other’s life as well, that’s what we do at peer Education. We practice EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE and we hold our heads high. 

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Aditya Choudhari, BCB

My experience of this online course was not a good one when it started as I wanted to do this face to face and thought that this online one would not be much effective but as it progressed , I started to get along with online learning and eventually liking the course. In the first few session on self awareness and self esteem it was one of the best sessions on improving my attitude and thinking power and I applied that in real world and it was very effective to me . Also during one of the sessions on negative chatter and beliefs , I found myself really into the topic and learned a lot . Now if I talk about which ones are my favourite , it would surely be on Goal setting and the one on Human Relationship . During my selection interview also I spoke about how good I was in managing human relationship and with my quality of being an  extrovert to help people around me . This session helped me creating a barrier to some negative things and to improve my mindset on handling relationships . So I would like to conclude by saying that It was a wonderful journey with some very great mentors and friends which helped me improving my social skills and making me what I am Today . Also a special thanks to my peer group and my mentor Ashley ma'am for helping me through out this beautiful journey

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Keerthana Ramesh, BCB

The pandemic was difficult for all of us. It was like everything just came to a pause, yet everything happening so fast. Online mode was another realm and of course it was really hard to adapt to it. I admit that it was too late till I finally figured out what was going on and how to adjust. It was a mess even before I knew it. Living with parents and not able to see friends made the whole thing more difficult. Each day was going unproductive. When we feel low , we try talking to someone and get us back on track but this time everyone looked so diseased and was low themselves . Everyday seemed dull and meaning less. Joining the peer education open elective was one of the impulsive wise decision I had made in the lockdown. Every session was unique. The way we created a sacred space for all of us where no one was judged was amazing. Every class was relevant. We were able to discuss our personal life with our mentors. Mentors helped us understand our problems and even helped us in resolving them. I kept looking forward for the classes. The positive messages that all of us share in our group each day kept me going. Even though I have not met most of the people in the group, I feel a unique connection with all of them. The class made me understand myself better which I think was the best thing that happened during this time. I was able to help myself cope with the stress and trauma that the pandemic gave me and also was able to help some of my friends too and I’m so thankful for that. 

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Preethi Mariam Alex, BCZ

When I gave my interview for the peer education certificate course, I didn't know what to expect. Little did I know then, that it would turn out to be the greatest blessing during this lengthy, exhausting lockdown. The topics discussed helped me reflect on my lifestyle, beliefs and values. It is effortless to get into a whorl of unproductivity but thanks to my journal, self-reflection and regular mentor meetings, I have been able to utilise this lockdown to do things that matter and are essential in the long run. The mentor meetings helped me gain perspective and also the guidance from some wonderful people. The topic that resonated most was about our belief system. We all have negative beliefs or things that limit ourselves. There were certain beliefs that I had established as facts. But I learnt that every time you think something to be real, you are making it true. Our thoughts have the power to change our reality. It is essential that we think positive and regularly cleanse and purify our negative thoughts. We also practised certain exercises that we could do to focus on our thoughts and feelings. This helped to understand how I was feeling and why I was feeling a certain emotion. The entire lesson on belief system was a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom.

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Anandita Mehrotra, JPENG

The pandemic has been overwhelming for all of us. Making the best of the situation, I joined the Peer Education programme which has helped me understand myself better. I feel that I’m better equipped to handle stressful situations and have also learnt to analyse them better. I also have a more positive approach towards things which has significantly helped me get through the pandemic. It has also helped me grow as a person. I’m grateful to the mentors and fellow peer educators for creating this safe space online. 

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Renibi Mukhia, PSENG

During the pandemic Peer Education really made a difference because the quarantine could feel very isolating.But working on oneself  and talking to other peers/ friends made things  relatable and less isolating.

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Garimella Bhavna, PSENG

Being a perfectionist at heart, I've always had to struggle with accepting my flaws and my failures. Perhaps this was because I never knew that there were ways to control this. The Peer Education program came at the very right time for me, a time where I was confused about a lot of things in my life and my inner thoughts were not helping me. This program taught me the ways to take charge of them. This program allowed me to go to bed less self-critical and allowed me to have flexibility in my approach to living. Now I know that my thoughts are normal, now I'm more accepting of my flaws and I also know that when they get the best of me, I just have to turn down the volume and shut off my inner TV chatter. I thank the mentors for choosing to keep this program during these unprecedented times, for I'm sure it would have helped everyone some way or the other :)

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Namrata Warrier, PEP

Peer Education has been one of the sessions I look forward to in  my week because unlike any other sessions, the focus is on ourselves. It has been extremely helpful to have mentors to guide you into being more aware of what and why we feel, think, behave and cope the way we do. Having someone who can look out for you and guide you during this pandemic has been one of the main reasons online classes haven't been as taxing as they would have.I'm extremely glad and grateful I opted for this course and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Siddhi Harlalka, PEP

The online peer education classes to me were like sessions where I could voice my problems in a safe space and get answers. It was a place where things I never thought about and things I over think about were discussed to gain more clarity. I really look forward to the few offline classes that might be held in college.

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Sandeep N, PSECO

Peer education is a one of a kind experience, where I learnt something that no class has ever taught me; empathy. We did this by delving into the life of a student, understanding the obstacles faced, and learning how to overcome them. By doing so, I explored parts of my own personal life that I previously had not noticed or paid attention to. This year has been a challenging year for a lot of us, where we had to adapt to new changes and face uncertain times. Peer education equipped me with the skills to confront my problems. The mentors did an incredible job and lead by example. It was fulfilling to see how the teachers and students helped each other out when faced with technical difficulties and fought through them to have our thought-provoking sessions. We acknowledged our deepest desires and flaws, and learnt how to manage them. It’s an experience that I’d love to have all over again.

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Surjo Siddhanta Ray, PSENG

One of the few things that kept me sane during the pandemic was the Peer Education course by the Center for Counselling and Health Services. The lack of interpersonal communication gave me an opportunity to delve into myself. This introspective process can be overwhelming, but the amazing mentors in the program have steered me in the correct direction. The weekly discourse and mentor meetings have helped me become a better version of myself. Special thanks to Smita Ma'am who has been an absolute beacon in these troubling times. Her frankness and her simple ways of putting us at ease is nothing short of wondrous. 

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