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Taking note of the importance of the East Asian region to both Indian and global policy formulations, the ‘Centre for East Asia Studies’ is dedicated to enhance the understanding of the region in the country and beyond. The scope of East Asia is the entire continental and maritime geographical region east of India. The Centre’s pursuit of excellence in the East Asian region will be in consonance with India’s ‘Look/Act East Policy’. The forte of the Centre lies in looking at the East Asian region from an Indian perspective with a special emphasis on South India. This perspective is considered vital because of the fact that countries of the region are keen to connect with and know more about the southern states of India. Each of the Indian states is also keen to connect with the outside world, especially the eastern part of the globe, for various politico-economic and socio-cultural reasons. The Centre, therefore, has a special focus on Federal units’ reach to the East Asian region and vice versa. In doing so, at the same time, the national perspective will not be lost.


  • To advance research studies with a special focus on security, governance, diplomacy, connectivity, trade, history, culture, society, literature, diaspora, language and the like.
  • To enhance the level of student/scholar connect with various academic and other governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental institutions of the region through exchanges and internships.
  • To offer region-specific courses at Undergraduate (open elective mode) and Masters levels.
  • To attract Doctoral and Post-Doctoral candidates for the Centre so that expertise in the region is enhanced and sustained in the long run.
  • To promote East Asian languages – especially Chinese, Japanese, and Korean – in order to boost the level of grounding in the region.



  • Collaborate with governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, research institutions and universities of the region through joint lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions
  • Undertake research projects aimed at enhancing the understanding of various issues of the East Asian region.
  • Establish internships for UG and PG students on a reciprocal basis with academic, governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental institutions in the region.
  • Spearhead exchange programmes for students, research scholars and faculty members. Involve in the capacity-building of teaching and scholar community from time to time.
  • Promote Inter-University academic programmes on a credit sharing basis. Develop database and share resource persons and academic repositories among the network institutions.
  • Organise inter-disciplinary academic and cultural events by involving other like-minded institutions. Institute fellowships for students and doctoral scholars working on East Asia.
  • Monitor and evaluate current developments in the East Asian region on a periodic basis.
  • Bring out wide-ranging and well-researched publications (journal articles, books, opinion pieces, research papers and edited volumes) on various issues of the area.


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Dr Anurag Tripathi
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