Yallamma solved the toilet issue in her village

Chinthamakanahalli is one of the most backward villages in the project area. Most households of the village did not have toilets and open defecation was the norm. Consequently, people of the village, particularly women, faced a lot of social, psychological and physical difficulties. Although they were aware about the concept of toilets, they were unable to contribute towards the cost of its construction.

Mrs. Yallamma, a 38 year old mother of two kids whose husband is a daily wage labor, became part of the SHG. The children of the village who learnt about the importance of sanitation and toilet through the Supplementary Education Centre, shared the message with their parents. Moreover, the students and volunteers of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) came forward to create awareness through rallies and street plays, and Pragathi CFCD Project worked like a bridge between the needy people and the existing facilities. Project Pragathi extended a loan of Rs 5000 for the cause and helped Yellamma in filling and submitting the required documents to the local Grama Panchayath in order to avail the subsidy amount of Rs.17,000 for the construction of toilet. As the people of the village were educated on the necessity of toilets, the Gram Panchayath was compelled to provide the necessary financial assistance. Mrs Yallamma, later, completed the construction of toilet and repaid the availed loan. Her actions have motivated the women of the village to be empowered.


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