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Dr N. Manoharan


Senior Research Affiliates

Abirami A V

Discipline: English Literature
Research Interest: To identify and explore musical
aspect in diverse culture and to trace back roots.
Current Research: Songs of Resistance:
The Parai Tradition of Tamil Nadu.

Rakesh Mochahary

Discipline: History
Research Interest: Northeast India -Japan relationship:
Economic development and Cultural Partnership;
Northeast India studies on History and Culture
Current Research: History, Identity and Culture: A Study
of Bodo Community in the 19th and 20th Century.

Gurvinder Kaur

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest: Indian Ocean; Indo - Pacific;
Non traditional Security Threats.
Current Research: India's role in combating Maritime
Piracy in Indian Ocean: A study.


Kriti Chopra

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest: Chinese history and nationalism with
emphasis on human rights
Current Research: Zhonghua Minzu and Chinese Nationalism: Implications and Responses of Mongols in Inner Mongolia.

Keshav Varma

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest: Indo-Pacific; Maritime Security; India's
Foreign Policy; Regionalism; BIMSTEC;
and Global Commons.
Current Research: The Global Commons Governance:
A Study on India's role in 21st Century.

Ashwin Immanuel Dhanabalan

Discipline: International Economics
Research Interest: Politics of Semiconductors,artificial intelligence and conflicts, Geopolitics of East Asia

Humsika Srikanth

Discipline: International Studies and Global Security
Research Interest:
Russia; Former Soviet Republics; Middle East.
Current Title:
Russian interests and prospects in East Asia.





Research Affiliates

Vaishnavi Joshi

Discipline: Clinical Psychology
Research Interest: South Asian Philosophies;
Traditional Healing Practices;
Integrative healing practices;
Mental Health and well-being;
Indian classical dance forms.
Current Research:
Traditional Healing Practices in East Asia

Neenu Stanly

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest: Security Studies and Geopolitics of West Asia,
Indo-Pacific, and East Asia.
Current Research:
Expanding Chinese footprints in West Asia


Chaitali Das

Discipline: English and Cultural Studies
Research Interest: Cultural similarities between
East Asian Nations and India and the influence of the East Asian countries on Indian pop culture.


Akshaye Mavinkurve

Discipline: Public Policy
Research Interest: Welfare studies; Geopolitical studies;
critical theory; and cultural theory.
Current Research: Evaluating the effects of liberalisation
on income inequality in China and South-East Asia.

Tanvi Kaur

Discipline: International Studies
Current Research: Asia-Pacific region;
South China Sea Maritime Issue;
Cyber and Social Media Influence; and Globalisation

Nidhi Gururaj

Discipline: Public Policy
Research Interest: A comparative study of India and Southeast Asia's tech policies.


B S Varshaa

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest: Conflict studies and resolution; Geopolitics.
Current Research: Conflicts in East Asia.


Hari Yadav G
Discipline: Political Science
Research Interests: Geopolitics, the Indian Ocean region, Indo-Pacific, and Sino-Indian relations.
Current Research: China’s Geo-economic initiatives, Maritime Strategy and Cybersecurity.

Guillermo Moya Barba
Discipline: Diplomacy and International Relations
Research Interest: Land grabbing in Southeast Asia and its human rights implications.
Current Research: The International Regime of International Criminal Justice and the Rohingya case, Peace, truth or justice? A new challenge for contemporary Public International Law.

Jashanpreet Randhawa
Discipline: International Relations
Research Interest: Indo-Pacific, Geopolitics, Regional Organisations, Terrorism and Security.
Current Research: Threat of non-state actors with emerging Technology in the Indo-Pacific region.



Ayushi Attri

Discipline: International Relations
Research Interest:Japan's foreign policy and its evolution; Japan-China relations; Diplomatic history of Japan shaped by different personalities

Current research interest:Japan's foreign policy

Drorima Chatterjee

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest: Global water governance, the role of education in international conflicts, and the geopolitics of South Asia
Current Research: Contemporary challenges in the Bay of Bengal region.

Josna Mathew

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interests: Ancient Japanese cultural influence in the 21st century.

Oindrila Mukherjee

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest:
Japanese politics; Gender gap in Japanese politics; Japan's foriegn policy

Renee Vincent

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest:Japan, Singapore, and Peace and Conflict Studies
Current Research:Analysing the role of Macau in global politics

Sejal Sharma

Discipline: South Asian Studies
Research Interests: Borderlands and the structural anthropology that influence the politics in the regions.
Current Research:Perception of Borders and Role of the Indian State in the Formation of the Identity of Northeast India

Alithia Clemency Paul

Discipline: International Relations
Research Interest:
Border issues, security & its management; Crisis in Myanmar and its relations with neighbouring countries; Intersectionality in IR; Evolution of India’s foreign policy and its current status.

Current Working Paper
Where the Blood Bleeds Blue in the Land of Red: An Account of the Uyghur Muslims in PRC

Shrestha Medhi

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interest:Northeast India and East Asian countries
Current Research: India’s Act East Policy and Regional Security Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific: A Comparative Analysis

Praveen Krishna

Discipline: East Asian Studies & Economics
Research Interests: Economic development in East Asia and India’s economic transformation and lessons from the East Asian miracle.
Current Research:Comparative trade analysis of India’s Look East, Look West, and Look North policies

Patricia Cherlyn

Discipline: International Studies
Research Interests: China's economic, political, and social relations. Impact of contemporary fiction on global politics

Junior Research Affiliates

Kartik Aggarwal
Business Analytics
Research Interest: Global Analytics, Global Visualization, Data Analytics, Foreign policy Analytics.
Current Research: Predictive Analytics of e-commerce websites.

Divyansh Singhal

Discipline: Business Analytics 

Research Interest: International business, Analytics, Sports.

Current Research: Job satisfaction of employees in IT companies


Goutham Sankar P

Discipline: Economics, Political Science and Sociology

Research Interest: Political Philosophy of the East, Comparative Politics, Indo-China relations, Political Economy.

Current Research: Understanding the Dimensions of Tamil Nadu- Taiwan Relations: Possibilities for an empowered State for the 21st Century.


Parvathy K C

Discipline: History, Economics and Political Science

Research Interest: Behavioral economics; Indo-Srilankan relations and Tibetan history

Current Research: Tibetan medicine in the modern world.

Aishwarya Jain

Discipline: Journalism Studies

Research Interest: Asian Geopolitics; Comparative Sociohistory; Cultural and Religious History in the Indo-China Region.

Current Research: Sociohistorical and Political relationship between the Indo-Pacific and East Asia.

Meenakshi V

Discipline: Economics, Political Science and Sociology
Research Interest: Political Economies of East Asia, Financial system, Geopolitics, and Security Studies

Shreyas Vijay Nair
Discipline: Political Economy
Research Interest: Marxism
Current working paper: Contemporary Expressions of Marxism in South East Asia.





Jefin Jerry

July to August 2022

Center for East Asian Studies provided me with constant guidance and support throughout my internship, and the members of this Center are rooted in the vision of delivering impactful innovations and solutions to global challenges in East Asia. Proud to be a part of this team.

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Fedhuwa Nara Parambath

Research Affiliate, June to July 2022

My experience at the Centre for East Asian Studies has been quite positive. I am deeply grateful to my mentors, who made this internship a fruitful learning experience. The internship was enlightening, giving me a new perspective on East Asia and its vast and diverse cultures and communities.

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Rose Paul

Research Affiliate, June to July 2022

The internship with the centre was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity. The centre broadened my horizons and helped me identify my interests, strengths and weaknesses.

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Vishesh Sharma

Bachelor of Arts Journalism, Psychology, English, Christ University, Bengaluru

The time I spent at the centre was refreshing and I gained a deeper insight into the world of geopolitics by the seminars held by the Centre.

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Renee Vincent

Stella Maris College, Chennai

The internship met all my expectations. I learned a alot from it about how to systematically compile information and assimilate it into my research. I was thoroughly satisfied with how the Centre mentored me and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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Patricia Cherlyn

Stella Maris College, Chennai

The Centre has given me immense knowledge of how to research and, most importantly, to make the research relevant and functional. The mentors have guided me throughout the internship and were very accommodating and welcoming. The internship provided me with an opportunity to write and publish my first research paper, and I would use the methodologies and learnings throughout

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Josna Shibu Mathew

Stella Maris College, Chennai

My internship at CEAS has been a great learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have interned with such a prestigious institution. I consider the experience highly valuable as it gave me insights into conducting organized research and structuring my writing effectively.

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