The Korean Peninsula is a house divided within itself and presents a dichotomy of values. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), is a totalitarian regime headed by the Kim Family since 1948 and remains enigmatic through isolation. A habitual infringer of the UN resolutions, its nuclear and ballistic missile programs underscore national agenda, whilst other sources of state income include exports of coal, minerals and textiles to China and Africa, using the former’s high seas and territorial waters for its logistical requirement. On the southern side of the Korean Demilitarised Zone lies the Republic of Korea, which is a world-renowned gadget manufacturer and the only East Asian democracy on the mainland. The country has been pragmatic by relying on the United States for its national security, even seeking protection under its nuclear umbrella, and slanting towards China to fulfil its economic goals through the striking of free trade agreements. In the process, it has become the fulcrum of US-China tensions, causing revised defence bills by the former and economic boycott by the latter. Nevertheless, South Korea remains as one of the prosperous countries of the Asia-Pacific, with K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty adding to its soft power quotient.




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Jefin Jerry

July to August 2022

Center for East Asian Studies provided me with constant guidance and support throughout my internship, and the members of this Center are rooted in the vision of delivering impactful innovations and solutions to global challenges in East Asia. Proud to be a part of this team.

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Fedhuwa Nara Parambath

Research Affiliate, June to July 2022

My experience at the Centre for East Asian Studies has been quite positive. I am deeply grateful to my mentors, who made this internship a fruitful learning experience. The internship was enlightening, giving me a new perspective on East Asia and its vast and diverse cultures and communities.

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Rose Paul

Research Affiliate, June to July 2022

The internship with the centre was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity. The centre broadened my horizons and helped me identify my interests, strengths and weaknesses.

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Vishesh Sharma

Bachelor of Arts Journalism, Psychology, English, Christ University, Bengaluru

The time I spent at the centre was refreshing and I gained a deeper insight into the world of geopolitics by the seminars held by the Centre.

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Renee Vincent

Stella Maris College, Chennai

The internship met all my expectations. I learned a alot from it about how to systematically compile information and assimilate it into my research. I was thoroughly satisfied with how the Centre mentored me and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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Patricia Cherlyn

Stella Maris College, Chennai

The Centre has given me immense knowledge of how to research and, most importantly, to make the research relevant and functional. The mentors have guided me throughout the internship and were very accommodating and welcoming. The internship provided me with an opportunity to write and publish my first research paper, and I would use the methodologies and learnings throughout

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Josna Shibu Mathew

Stella Maris College, Chennai

My internship at CEAS has been a great learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have interned with such a prestigious institution. I consider the experience highly valuable as it gave me insights into conducting organized research and structuring my writing effectively.

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