CAPS Learning and Sharing Sessions

CLASS is the peer-training wing of CAPS that reaches out to individual audiences of the university. It aims to address and focus on topics that are generally beyond the syllabus. Here, peer trainers reach out and deliver interactive sessions as per the requirements of the student population, which has been understood through extensive need-analysis.

CLASS recruits peer-trainers with the required skill-sets and trains them. These peer-trainers implement the modules and modify them based on the feedback received from the target audience.

CLASS offers sessions for a varied audience starting from the fresher’s of UG to the graduating PG students. It provides peer learning on several academic topics such as researching skills, style writing, panel discussion, case study, APA basic formatting. It also provides sessions on several professional development topics like resume writing, finding jobs through online portals, group

Topics Offered


What is CAPS?

Need to write a research paper, but have no idea how and where to start? Have to apply for an internship, but don’t know how to go about it? Have all of the qualifications, but don’t know how to appear for an interview? You no longer have to feel clueless when it comes to such challenges.

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) brings you CAPS, an open platform that attempts to bridge the gap between classrooms based theoretical learning and career-based applicable knowledge. It is an initiative that facilitates the free exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences with a view to strengthen students and professionals, providing them access to a learning experience that is not readily available in a classroom environment or a library.

At CAPS, we not only aim to bring about a more holistic development at the individual level but also a greater interaction and sharing of resources at the university level. This process is facilitated by the five Wings and six Committees of CAPS which work in tandem to do so.

Who is CAPS for?

In its core, CAPS provides assistance in academic and professional areas for anyone who might need it. The doors of CAPS are open to students, faculty, researchers and everyone who is seeking help.

At an individual level, CAPS helps one attain greater proficiencies in competencies related to the academic and professional sphere, through a wide array of topics ranging from research to career readiness. It is also an opportunity to develop your networking skills and understand industry expectations through interaction based university-wide sessions.

At an organisational level, it creates a platform for all the deaneries which promotes a cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge, leading to an optimal utilisation of the university’s resources. At a societal level, CAPS aims to provide society with holistically developed individuals, equipped with the appropriate skill sets that enable them to make a difference.