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Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) in Tourism is a full time research programme of one year duration in which scholars are trained to present their research findings. In preparation, they will complete prescribed courses aimed at giving them a through understanding of the subject.

Course Work:
The programme consist of 2 Research papers and 2 Elective Papersnamely;
1.    General Research Methodology
2.    Specific Research Methodology

Elective 1
A. Destination Management
B. Tourism and Globalization
Elective 2
A. Strategic Planning and Management in Tourism
B. Tourism Sustainability

The electives offered by the department are subject to departmental guidelines( coruse pre-requisites, faculty and student availability). The candidate will decide on the electives, in consultation with the faculty member who has agreed to guide them. Each elective course there will be about 16 colloquium session during the semester of about two and a half hours each, where the various topics will be presented by candidates and discussed under faculty supervision. Candidates will come prepared with the reading material listed for the session and indicated at the start of the semester.
Dissertation: The candidates will indicate the area of general interest to them at the time of application, and finalise the specific area of research by the end of 1 smester, in cunsultation with the faculty member who has agreed to guide them. Tha candidate will have to defend the proposal, in an open forum, before proceeding with the research. The quality of the research will be graded as per CHRIST (Deemed to be University) norms for the M.Phil programme.
Candidates must obtain a Pass grade at the end of the course. A pass/ Fail grades will be assigned by the faculty member handling the course on the basis of participation in the discussion, written assignments or Tests.