Tourism in India is a prospective space to explore and develop in a big way. Taking into account our heritage, history and traditions, we can present to the rest of the world a profound treasure house provided we possess the art and ingenuity to present it properly. Tourism will become a major provider of jobs and a source of foreign exchange as the Government and various agencies take up this big challenge.


The MBA (Tourism Management) programme in CHRIST (Deemed to be University) equips students with the skills of a Business School Graduate relevant to the travel, tourism & hospitality industry.


The Training Programme in MBA (Tourism Management) focuses on the development of the whole person equipped with the following skills and attitudes to meet the needs of the changing and challenging social scenario.

Conceptual Skills

  1. Integrated view of business and management problems
  2. Inter-relationship between functions
  3. Ideation and innovation
  4. Analytical Skills

Problem solving skills

  1. Dealing with complexity
  2. Managing risk
  3. Translating theory into practice
  4. Communication skills
  5. Negotiating skills

Public speaking

  1. Inter personal and group communication
  2. Attitudes
  3. Adaptability

Team Work

  1. Willingness to Learn
  2. Dedication


Open Electives