Christ University School of Business Studies and Social Sciences, conducted its first inter disciplinary festival - organized by the second year students. Genesis seeks to hone the managerial acumen found in the students of the first year and second year.
The essence of the fest comes from its name - Genesis - meaning the origins of a substance. The events epitomize the interdisciplinary philosophy of the new campus and aims to unite the students of Social Sciences and Business Studies into a unique blend of charismatic and dynamic group of scholarly entrepreneurs. This year, the theme of Genesis was “The Theory of Consecutive Creations”.

 The finale of Genesis 2016 - The Theory of Consecutive Creation was held on 19th  July 2016. It began at 8:45 AM in the Main Auditorium and 4th Block auditorium with the Inauguration ceremony. It was a brief affair with the CUBSA coordinators lighting the lamp to an invocation song, sung in the background. Student Representative Vivian Sequeria, who addressed the audience during the ceremony, spoke in great detail about the theme of Genesis 2016 - “The Theory of Consecutive Creation”, instilling in the audience an urge and drive them to utilize their full potential and perform their best. 
The Valedictory Ceremony was conducted at 3:00 PM. First, Mr. Roy Mathew, CUBSA Coordinator spoke a few words which aimed at inspiring the participants and emphasizing the importance of Genesis. He speech was followed by that of Fr. Benny Thomas, who emphasized to the students that participation was more important than winning and went on to give them tips to follow, in order to be successful in their future ventures. 

The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Mrs. Revathy Ashok, Ceo and Managing Trustee ,Bpac. Mrs Ashok spoke in great detail about how fests help students gain a lot of exposure to the outside world and about the qualities students must have in order to succeed. She also spoke about the importance of character and life in the “real” world.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Student Representative Sanjiti Kapoor, who thanked every individual behind the success of Genesis 2016 as an event and also, an endeavour to remember and cherish for all those associated with its process.