The Inaugural ceremony of CUBSA was held on 16th June in the auditorium. Christ University Business Studies Social Sciences Association (CUBSA) is a vibrant and active association comprising of students from different disciplines such as BBA Honours, BBA Travel and Tourism, BBA F&IB (Finance and International Business), EPH, MEP, English Honours, Psychology Honours, Journalism Honours, Economics Honours and MBA Travel and Tourism.  CUBSA ensures the smooth functioning of co-curricular activities in a disciplined and harmonious manner. It is symbolic of the synergy between the students and the faculty to strive towards achieving the overall objective for the betterment of the institution, thus enabling the students to think and perform beyond the boundaries of the regular curriculum.

Dr. Anil Joseph Pinto graced the occasion with his presence and he spoke extensively about Christ culture and how the university was opening doors for new opportunities to all the students. Also on the Dias, were Dr. Jyothi Kumar (Associate Dean, School of Business Studies and Social Sciences), Dr. Satheesh Kumar (Association Coordinator) and Ms. Akshita Sancheti (MBA Student Representative).The Student Representative Vivian Sequria (BBA-H) and Nikita Vidyalankar (ENG-H) presented the annual calendar for this academic year. The annual club calendar for this year was presented by Sonal Aggarwal (BBA-F&IB) and Rubine (BBA-T).The CUBSA logo was revealed by Cheshma Chinnappa B (MEP) and Harshil Vaidya (JOU-H). An insight to the first inter disciplinary fest Genesis, was given to the students during the ceremony.

The first year students got an opportunity to display their talents on the stage for the first time. A dance competition was organized to encourage the freshers to actively participate in the events. The first position was shared by Psychology Honours and BBA-H (D).Overall the event was a huge success and the freshers enjoyed it to the core of their hearts.