Admission for NRI Student Category


Students who fall under any of the following classifications, at the time of application can apply under NRI Student category and be liable to pay the fees applicable to the category for the entire duration of the course

1. NRI defined under the Indian Income Tax Law

2. Either of the parents is outside India (except Nepal) on Work Permit / Resident Permit

3. Indian citizen financed by any Institution /  agency outside India, even if parents are Residents of India

4. Indian Citizen, pursued studies for qualifying examination in any foreign / Indian syllabi outside India

5. Indian citizen pursued studies for qualifying examination in foreign syllabi in India

Note: For 5, not falling under 1 to 4 above, international student category fee will be applicable only for the year of admission.

Student seeking admission through NRI Student category has a different application process

For Online application form and Admission / Application process details under this category kindly contact through the email given below: