The Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Travel Management, an undergraduate degree in commerce with a specialisation in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry was started in 2002. This Program is an intensive and comprehensive program spread over three years. With a strong foundation in Commerce and Management studies, the Course specialises in Tourism and Travel Management.  This dynamic curriculum design prepares the student to adapt to the demands and face the challenges of today's Tourism and Travel industry. Teaching includes lectures and other forms of extension such as presentations, discussions, brainstorming, demonstrations and field visits. The program has a strong Institute and Industry Interface through guest talks, seminars, panel discussions etc.

Programme Objective:
To develop the students with professional and academic inputs to adapt to the requirements of the changing Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry.

The Programme Design:
1. The Department offers tailor made programs with both theory and practical subjects as a part of the syllabus.
2. Field oriented activities to know and promote value -additions for people and places.
3. Scope for sector relevant studies to be taken up, for presentations to be made and working experiences through internships.
4. Comprehensive teaching techniques including case studies, role-plays, group discussions, presentations, group research and travel laboratories.
5. The course also lays strong emphasis in communication, customer relations and service.
6. Thus this program is designed to create professionals who can succeed in the industry which has no regional, gender, language or age barriers and where talent reaps success.

Programme Outcomes:

- A clear overview and knowledge of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, and its different functional and operational areas

- Well prepared to adapt to the demands and face the challenges of the contemporary  and the future tourism industry

- Empowered to make effective interventions in the society through personal and professional excellence in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.