The EPH (English, Political Science and History) program at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) integrates multi-disciplinary approaches to the Humanities and Social Sciences. It reinforces the symbiotic relationship between social and political histories, philosophies of the State and nationhood, varied discourses of culture, and the relevance of narrativising these elements through the process of reading and writing literature. This combination of subjects, offered over 3 years and 6 semesters of the B.A. Course, aims to equip students with the ability to address critical questions concerning contemporary social and political thought, comprehend and challenge established notions of the historical with historical interventions into questions of individual and collective identities, and deploy literary readings and theoretical concepts in a wide array of careers ranging from creative and research writing to administration, political reform, public policy intervention and activism.


B.A: EPH Programme Outcome:
Students graduate by majoring in English, Political Science and History to head towards a Bachelor of Arts are predominantly oriented to articulate the subjects with interdisciplinary perspective.


More specifically, triple major students of BA EPH should be able:

• To be conceptually and theoretically sound, where in ideas, debates and ideological affiliations are understood with scientific temper and inferred in an analytical manner.
• To solve problems and analyze data systematically to identify relevant patterns;
• To present themselves professionally sound in both spoken and written modalities.
• To o gain knowledge of the science, arts, cultures and skills of governance and administration to be able to better contextualize the nuances of texts of Politico-historical events.
•  To develop into effective social scientists with a strong grounding in narratives, history as well as political science be an effective Social entrepreneur.