Student Enrichment

Name of the Programme


Workshop with  Stan Denman, Chairman, Theatre Arts, Baylor University Texas, USA

Workshop covering ground plan for theatre directors, The Hodge plan of direction and acting.

 John Bennett, Principle Lecturer, Department of Performing Arts, ama and Dance, Liverpool Hope University, UK

Week long sessions of lecturers and presentations on Community Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Theatre of the Absurd.

Padmashree Alyque Padamsee, Father of Theatre and Advertising in India

Addressed Theatre Studies students specifically on Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht and Arthur Miller. Shared his own experiences as director for over 60 years of large-scale productions.

The Students of the first and second semesters of the newly formed Theatre Studies department interned with Liverpool Hope University, Torn Curtains Hyderabad, White Light Kerala, ACE Productions Mumbai, Tea Pot Productions Mumbai, QTP Production Mumbai.

Internship for the first, second, third and fourth is mandatory for the students, in active theatre production houses so that they can participate in running productions on the public stage.

First, third and fifth semesters must produce class productions as their end semester examinations which are assessed by external faculty.  External experts on Theatre   and Music have been the Chief Guests  such as  Thomas Chandy, Managing Director, HOSMAT; Mr Jagdish Raja, founder of Jagrithi Theatre and Ms Parvin Verma, Trustee,CRY .

First semester writes a script which may involve some recorded music and singing.

Third semester has to perform a Shakespearian play.

Fifth semester has to produce a well-known musical.


The class productions done so far

1. Rechauffe’

2. As You Like it

 To be performed this year ;

Excerpts from Medea,Oliver, A Midsummer Night’s eam

Additionally CIAs are excerpts from Greek Tragedy, Contemporary Playwrights such as Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Victorian.

CIAs (Continuous Internal Assessment) for Theatre Studies students has to be extracts from plays from different periods of theatre history.

Four University   Mega -Productions have already been performed.

Each mega-production is a complete student endeavour – Title, Script, Music, Lyrics, Songs, Choreography – the Head of the department of Theatre Studies directs the mega- production each year.

All the mega productions of the University are research based, where authentic accents of any particular country are required, it is implemented.

The four mega-productions performed so far are

1.      Of Power and Passion

2.      Francisco

3.      The Anointing

4.      The Agony and The Ecstasy

5.      A Man for All Seasons- is the fifth mega-production to be performed in February 2016


A dance performance by Ms.Rukmini Vijayakumar and team.

The dancing Jesuit

A dance performance by Fr.Saju George and team

National level dance competition

As part of Prayatna, the PEP fest

Mandolin concert

Shri Mysore S.Deepak&team

Thyagaraja Mahotsav

A musical event by the performing arts department

University Dance day


Vision 2020

A stage play by the theatre students


A musical event by the performing arts department

World music day

Performance by Ms.Barbara from USA and  Bengaluru based music team Kalarava

Dance workshop

HOFESH SHECHTER dance company,UK

Street Theatre workshop


Workshop on Evolution and history of lights

Nanda Kishore

Workshop on different kind of make up for different character


Workshop on Script writing


Theatre workshop

Ronal Rand from USA

Workshop in Thespo

( National youth theatre festival ),Mumbai

Contemporary dance workshop

Wishvakiran Nambiar

Hindustani music Workshop

Ganesh S   

Bhajan workshop on Hindustani music

Hadapath Ramachanan    

Western music workshop

Barabara A Lyons,University of Mount Union,Alliance, USA

Workshop on Vocology by

Dr Fr Paul Poovathingal.