Selection Process


Candidates applying for BA-PEP (Performing Arts, English and Psychology), BA-TEP (Theatre Studies, English and Psychology) & BA-MPE (Music-Western Classical, Psychology, English) programme must note that the selection process for these programmes will be held at Bengaluru Centre only.


Kindly refer the Selection Process E-Admit Card for the exact date, time & Venue, of the below Process


Process Particulars Date Venue/Centre


Audition Guideline for 2019-20 Western Classical Music Programme

1. An applicant for 2019-20 Western Classical Music Programme is to choose either VOICE or PIANO only as his/her major.

2. The following majors are NOT provided in the programme: Any musical instruments, Any Indian classical music, Any western contemporary music

3. A VOICE Major applicant is to present two songs at the audition.

One Test Piece (Choose one of the followings):



One Self-selected Western Classical Song

(Indian classical songs are not permitted)

4. A PIANO Major applicant is to present two music pieces at the audition.

One Test Piece (Choose one of the followings):

a) Bach Minuet in G     b) Caprice Paganini


One Self-selected Western Classical Piano Music Piece

As per the AD_SA_PI Admit Card
CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Skill Assessment

The skill assessment will consist of a test on written skills, communication skills and logical reasoning.

PI Personal interview
Academic Performance Assessment of past performance in Class 10,  Class 11/12, during the Personal Interview

* AD=Audition,SA=Skill Assessment, PI=Personal Interview,


a) The selection process E-Admit card will be generated 3 - 5 days prior to the scheduled selection process date.


b) Candidates must report for the above selection process at least 30 minutes prior to the allotted time as stipulated in the selection process admit card.  


c) Those candidates not reaching the venue at the allotted time will not be permitted to take part in the selection process.  


d) The candidates are requested to start early to avoid traffic congestions.  


e) Request for change in selection process dates, time and centre will not be entertained.

f) Candidates have to access their selection process admit card from the link “Application Status" from the University website and print the same.

g) Please note that the preferred date for selection process will be allotted, subject to availability of slots.

h) Candidates failing to appear for the selection process at the stipulated date and time will be considered as “Not Selected”.

You may print your Selection Process E-admit card under the link: Status of Online Application, on our University website.