Course Description:
Students will be exposed to the world of digital learning through Wikipedia. The course includes Introduction to Wikipedia which will include the origin and development of Wikipedia. Training will be given to write, edit and publish articles especially in Indian Languages. Students will also be taught aspects like media ethics, policies and   legal aspects with regard to Wikipedia writing


Course Objective:
•    To train the students to write/edit articles on Wikipedia and enable them to enhance their digital learning skills.
•    They can also contribute to the digitalization of books in Indian languages
Course Outcome:
•    Create and edit wiki-type (particularly Media Wiki, including Wikipedia) articles of good quality, with references, tables, illustrations and templates.
•    Discuss what is a reasonable source critical approach to using Wikipedia as a reference
•    Outline the common criticism of Wikipedia's reliability and discuss how the reliability problems can be tackled
•    Be an administrator of Wikipedia as well as other Media Wiki servers