Course Description:
Spanish I is an introductory course for absolute beginners, and as such, will establish a strong foundation and promote learning for years of study to come.  This level will provide practice on all the lexical and grammatical items.  The detailed practice will strongly develop the four essential skills of learning Spanish: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.  This is a class with lots of fun mixed with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. Beginning with alphabets, it goes on to cover phonetics, pronunciation, numbers and basic colours, which are some of the fundamental things that a student learns. Then the course goes a little higher in grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation, paragraph writing, comprehension and speaking.


 Course Objective
•    Students will develop elementary level proficiency skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading
•    Analyze and use basic grammar as a tool for effective communication.
•     Some aspects of the Spanish speaking world culture, social customs and traditions.
•    Basic conversation classes to deal with day to day situations and practice in listening and speaking.


Course Outcome:
•    Enhanced knowledge of language, culture, history that will stay forever and continue to provide more in the broader thinking and outlook of the person.


SPANISH – Level 2
Course Description:

Spanish 2 focuses on telling time, conversation in specific areas, dialogue writing, talk about what has just happened as in one of the past tenses, present continuous tenses, thus taking on a path slightly advanced from the basics already learnt in Spanish level 1 .promotes listening, understanding, writing, speaking, etc. by using specific vocabulary for specific sentences i.e. choosing the most appropriate word among the words that have same meaning. The use of reflexive verbs and day to day routine is discussed along with time under this level. Reading any text stressing on the syllables, connecting words in a sentence are practiced here. Creative writing is encouraged given a range of words to be picked up from.


Course Objectives:
• To help Communicate effectively in the language and interact in a culturally appropriate manner with native speakers of that language by achieving proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
•  At this level the students are made to recognize culture-specific perspectives and values embedded from the cultural perspective.
•  Helps analyze, and interpret authentic texts of different genres thus producing effective discourse in oral and written modes. Recognition of cultural values, practices, and heritage of the foreign country or countries is studied.
•  This level helps to recognize the cross-cultural difference comparison, contrast home and other cultures.


Course Outcome:
• Express oneself and participate in conversations on different topics, interactions in everyday situations, communicate in contexts relevant to oneself and others including non-living things like city, culture, building etc.
•  The outcome at this level will be to express one’s thoughts about a variety of topics in both verbal and written, recognize and use some culturally appropriate vocabulary, expressions, in written and gestures while speaking.
•  The students recognize the differences and compare the cultural aspects between 2 languages.
•  The confidence level is much higher and they can speak without any hindrance.
Writing is improved by the usage of specific terminologies and vocabulary under any given situation. i.e. they will be able to recognize the right vocabulary or the word

Course Material
 Españolen Marcha – Nivel Básico A1 - Students Text book and Workbook - By Francisca
 Castro Viudez (As per the Common European Framework).