Course description:
Russian 1 is an introductory course for absolute beginners.  This level will provide practice on all the lexical and grammatical items.  The detailed practice will strongly develop the four essential skills of learning Spanish: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.  Beginning with alphabets, it will go on to cover phonetics, pronunciation, numbers and basic colours, which are some of the fundamental things that a student learns. Then the course goes a little higher in grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation, paragraph writing, comprehension and speaking.


Course Objective:
•    To enable the students to build on the area of speaking, listening, reading and writing   Russian language through new situations and repetition.
•    To enable the students to create their own conversation.


Course outcome:
•    Students will be able to engage in simple conversation in the Russian language, and also gain reading and writing ability to a limited extent.
•    Students will also have a fair knowledge about the Russian culture.