Experential Learning

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Industry Oriented Curriculum (IOC) is the problem statements given by the companies and departments for the students to solve. Also, the companies hand-hold them during the project development and provide necessary training. IOC also includes project-based training on specific tools or technology provided by the industry to a group of students who at the end of the training will complete a project.

Project Problem Statement Deaprtment/Organisation
Drone based surveying of FoE Campus Campus surveying using Drone.To map the entire campus, plot contours and land use including the water harvesting ponds with post processing and GIS open source tools - linear and volumertic measurements. E-SAIL
Non Invasive Glocometer – Enhancement Electronic device to measure glucose level in the blood without patients blood sample. E-SAIL
Smart Campus Connecting MEP of FoE through sensors and actuators for Automated Facility Management E-SAIL
Visitor Management System The project aims to make a visitors log automatically. Visitiors face was captured by the camera and the image was send to server with a message to whom they want to meet. The server send a message to the corresponding person for their acceptance to visit them. School of Engineering & Technology
Autonomous Auto-Following Suitcase The device works with WiFi. The owner can pair the suitcase with his mobilephone and it follows us while we are moving. It has the capability of obstacle detection and automatically change the path. E-SAIL
Smart Classroom & Smart Attendance using Face Recognition Design an expert system to capture the photo of the class room and apply image processing and pattern recognition techniques to detect faces and recognize the faces for automatic attendance.The project deals automatic switch ON/OFF of light, fan etc. Safran
Mathematical modeling of DC Motors for Heat Management Analysis of the temperature of different components of the DC motor with variable load using Simulink, Matlab. Safran
Measurement of 3D Objects using image processing Real-Time 3D object identification, recognition and measurement on mobile app and computer using image processing. Safran
3D Modeling of Machines and display monitoring points in real-time (IoT) Design a 3D model of the the given machine and graphically display the readings (temperature, pressure etc) in real-Time Ingersoll Rand
3D Modeling of Machines and display monitoring points in real-time (IoT) Design a 3D model of the the given machine and graphically display the readings (temperature, pressure etc) in real-Time Ingersoll Rand
Artificial Intelligence based Predictive Maintenance From the past behaviour data collected from machine, find a component is repeatedly failing. Also build a model to predict when that component may fail in the currently running machine using its behaviour data. Ingersoll Rand
RPA based UI Development Most of the applications(mobile/web) is developed for internal usage and falls under the category of business to employee. This category follows the simplest rule of UI development and always use a pre-defined format of development. Tool that dynamically generates forms to reduce the effort of UI development. To start with, any existing framework to be used to automate and then extend it to forward. White Paper Solutions
IoT Edge Framework A framework of components that can be assembled and configured to develop an “edge” computing platform that provides a layer of sensing, connectivity and intelligence to “things” (machines / devices / enterprise assets) and further integrates them to a cloud platform. L Lakshmi Narasimhan, IoT Architect
Security Management using Analytics, MachineLearning and Artificial Intelligence using Open Source Popular open source Technologies with Ubuntu based components – Elasticsearch, XPack, Logtash, Kibana and Beats based agents on endpoints are being explored by the global corporations as a Next Generation option in lieu of the SIEM technologies. Deccan Infotech
Siemens NX PLM Software Platform Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process. Siemens DEX
CUFE-Research Web Portal To design and develop web based system to convert all the proceeding and procedures online for the research department in FoE.The modules identified are scholar info, research committee info, presentation schedule, downloads, recommendations & alerts. The students are selected based on their knowledge and experience in web development using HTML,CSS,JSP,PHP, MYSQL & PYTHON. School of Engineering & Technology