Student Welfare Office

The Student Welfare Office provides a platform for students to exhibit their talents and skills. It provides a forum through a mode of cultural activities for like-minded people to meet each other, exchange ideas and grow into better human beings. The student welfare office hosts various events within the university, and also collaborate with other organizations to host events. The SWO team consists of:

  1. Volunteer Body
  2. Choir Team
  3. Dance Team
  4. Cul-Team

Volunteer Body

Students from various department may volunteer to join the volunteer body and assist in executing the various programs that happen during the academic year. They help organize and coordinate various University events. They are also trained in various activities that pertains to leadership, Problem Solving, Time Management and Team Building. The SWO Volunteering Body organizes various events such as Inauguration of the deanery, Darpan, Novatos, Teacher’s day, Bhasha Utsav, Blossoms, Convocation and various other conferences and seminars.

Choir Team

The Choir team is a body of students with choral harmony performing to its fullest melody. The Choir performs at every University event and their own annual events, Magnificat and Sound Curry. The choir sets aside hours of practice for them to perform to their fullest.

Dance Team

The university dance team, “Natyasampurna” came into existence with the sole intention of propagating Indian Classical Dances and other dance forms among the students of Christ University and also to initiate and help them improve in this illustrious field of Dancing. The team performs Indian classical and semi-classical dances during various University events.


The university cul-team is formed every year after the conclusion of Darpan. Darpan is the annual talent search fest held during the odd semester. This body represents the college for various intra and inter college fests. The team consists of Dancers, musicians, theatre artists, writers, and speakers from various departments of the deanery.