Center for Social Action

Centre for Social Action is a unique student body where student communities are sensitize on various issues affecting the society. CSA enables the students to be aware of the social realities around them as well as impart them with ideas of how they can contribute towards the change. CSA works towards promoting the value of Social Responsibility among the student community. Established in 1999, CSA coordinates social sensitization programmes for students and undertake community development projects for marginalized communities. This is undertaken so as to facilitate sustainable changes and equip the students with ideals and values for effective contributions to the society. 

Strengthening student community with a view to enable positive changes in the society have always been one of the driving forces and the motivating factor for undertaking various developmental projects and social sensitization programmes. CSA enables the student community to imbibe the values of social responsibility and hence creating a community of empathetic students who can work proactively for the society.

Wings of CSA

Activity Center

Activity Centre is the wing of CSA that works hands-on and makes a major change in the lives of children. Around 100 kids from various schools are tutored and guided by the volunteers after college hours. It serves as a platform for the underprivileged children to step out of their homes and indulge in the vast sea of knowledge and education.


Disha, the pristine wing born in CSA Kengeri Campus, will be working for undertaking one socially relevant project in each semester. These projects will involve technical and design aspects. Disha walks on steps namely O- Observe, R- Research, A- Analyze and, E- Execute. Our efforts will be to make community Safer, Cleaner, and Healthier. This year we are working on projects related to domains like Sericulture, automation of waste segregation and efficiency utilization of plastic wastes.


DRISHTI is a street theatre group of CSA volunteers. "Drishti" means 'The vision'. The team reaches out to the students and the public by performing street plays on social issues in institutions, college campuses, villages, slums, NGOs, shopping malls and so on. Street plays performed are based on themes like Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Environment, Road Safety, De-addiction, etc.

Media and Communications

Media and Communication wing is the backbone of CSA .It records various short documentries, blogs, reports about all CSA activities and achievements . This team publishes a magazine "We care" and a newsletter “Magnified” reporting CSA blogs, posters , poems,etc. team also hosts an anchor interactive group sessions on contemporary social issues through a forum called "Chat over Coffee"(COC).