Centre for Academic and Professional Support

Being a professional course campus there are many vital skills, both academic and professional that are beyond the classroom. These skills can act as a catalyst to propel one’s academic and professional career forward. Bridging the gap in the existing curriculum and producing holistically developed individuals by optimizing learning and harnessing experience and that is why the Centre for Academic & Professional Support was instituted in Kengeri Campus on July.

Objectives of CAPS

  • Transforming the traditional classroom-learning setup into a 24x7 learning system.
  • Complementing and filling the gaps in the existing curriculum and providing required help.
  • Providing effective channels of interaction amidst the audience to share and communicate their knowledge.
  • Channelizing the existing resources and harnessing expertise, i.e. dynamism of the student community and experience and competence of the teaching fraternity.
  • Creating new channels to optimize learning.

Wings of CAPS

Wing of CAPS reaches out to individual audiences of the Kengeri campus. It aims to address and focus on topics that are generally beyond the syllabus. Here, peer trainers reach out and deliver interactive sessions as per the needs of managers, architects and engineers. Dealing with topics such as email etiquettes, professional communication, delivering formal presentations, etc.

CHRIST Online Writing Lab

  1. Through our CHRIST Online Writing Lab (COWL), the University audience have access to numerous interactive E-learning modules
  2. Aims at professional and academic skills enhancement
  3. Deals with resume writing, art of note taking, statement of purpose etc.

CAPS English and Writing Support

  1. CAPS English and Writing Support (CEWS) offers training through one-on-one peer assistance for the listed modules. 
  2. Trained instructors work with the students to improve their capacity to plan and write.
  3. CEWS volunteers have a great eye for detail, a good command over the English language, approachable, empathetic to the needs of the student.

Team of computer whizzes

  1. Provide software and IT support
  2. Techies are the ones creating and constantly developing the micro-site, and web applications.

MEDIA & Public Relations

  1. A mixed set of individuals with varied skills
  2. All working to achieve one goal and that is to promote CAPS in suitable platforms.
  3. The brand is marketed through various social media profiles and also using various offline strategies.

Quality Control

  1. Authenticity of all the content that CHRIST, Kengeri publishes and prints.
  2. Relevance of the data by adhering to certain guidelines.
  3. Error free promotions of marketing collaterals for events


  1. Maintains a smooth flow of work by facilitating, monitoring.
  2. Documenting all processes and transactions for all wings and committees.
  3. Error free promotions of marketing collaterals for events

Content Generation

A team that creates quality content that is original and resourceful based on suggestions and need analysis. The content is also customized based on the need of the hour and feedback received.