Institute Industry Interaction Cell

The Institute Industry Interaction Cell (IIIC) at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) contributes to its programs and partnership with industry. CHRIST (Deemed to be a university) has been closely associated with the industry since its founding. Industry continues to play a crucial role in the growth and development of institutions, building on the talent and joint research. The goal of the IIIC is to decrease the gap between the Institute and Industry and to provide real-time exposure to industry-oriented initiatives and other developments that would benefit both the Institute and the Industry.

IIIC at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) has five functional cells namely:

  1. E-Cell
  2. E-SAIL
  3. IPR-Cell
  4. JRC-Cell
  5. SD-Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell

E cell is the incubation platform within Industry cell, which promotes startups. The E cell has successfully incubated three startups as of June 2018. Since its first B- Plan competition IGNITE 2018, the E-cell is encouraging students to bring out their business ideas which will culminate into a startup.

Engineering-Service Assisted Integrated Learning

The university believes in interacting with the society and its immediate neighborhood to identify problems and find solutions to these problems through technology. The E-sail program exposes students to live projects and encourages students find innovative solutions under expert mentorship. The Students are periodically taken around their immediate neighborhood by faculty to identify problems and solutions. The solutions are developed under the umbrella of industrial cell on the engineering campus.

Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Joint Research and Consultancy Cell

Industry has a need for new inventions and new products for their long term survival. The Industry needs experts to work on exploratory products and ideas. The Industrial cell facilitates the interaction between faculty and the industry to explore and research new ideas. In such projects subject expert faculty provide consultancy to industry.

Skill Development Cell

The Slill Developement cell provides training to students in subjects/topics of immediate industrial relevance. 9 Industry based courses with industry partners are conducted. These include IBM, Redhat, Cisco, Oracle and Robotic process Automation.