Andrew Harding

FCMA CGMA Chief Executive – Management Accounting, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA&CIMA) Secretary General – Chartered School of Business and Management Accountants

“The Department of Professional Studies, Christ (Deemed to be University) is CIMA’s esteemed partner in India, offering programs in developing highly skilled finance professionals.

We laud Christ’s pioneering work in integrating the CIMA curriculum into their Professional Studies portfolio 11 years ago and for being the first higher educational institution in India to do so. Since then, the Department of Professional Studies has reaped success from the program and has produced many CIMA graduates who are rank-holders. In addition, CIMA alumni from the university have moved on to become great ambassadors for the CIMA Professional Qualification in the industry.

CIMA is proud to be associated with the Department of Professional Studies, Christ (Deemed to be University) which has all-round development programs to drive greater learning outcomes. Among these are initiatives in sports, debates, competitions, and cultural and social activities which nurture the holistic development of their graduates for more effective contribution to society.”

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Karen Phang

Global CGMA University and Academic Center of Excellence (COE) CIMA & AICPA

“Over the last two years, the Global CGMA University and Academic Center of Excellence (COE) has worked with Christ University on multiple projects. One of them includes spearheading an exclusive academic workshop for faculty members focusing on case-based teaching methods and introducing issues in the digital economy that will affect accounting graduates in the future such as blockchain, data analytics and digital strategy. We regularly hold meetings with the nominated CIMA Academic Champion from Christ University to discuss best practices in the education industry and partnership efforts.

Christ University produces the highest number of CIMA passed finalist and the COE occasionally meet these young champions to hear their stories of inspiration and challenges. Some of these stories have provided motivation to university students around the world including CIMA teams outside of India. The COE is proud to work with an esteemed partner like Christ University and we look forward to future endeavors together.”


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Bhaskar Ranjan Das

Associate Director (South Asia) CIMA

“Christ (Deemed-to-be) University’s (Department of Professional Studies)  is CIMA’s first university partner in India, commencing the relationship eleven years ago. This is one of our most valued academic partnerships, integrating the CIMA qualification in developing highly skilled finance professionals through the Department. CHRIST  University’s  Department of Professional Studies stands out in development of their students through a diverse and inclusive learning environment which has been appreciated and recognized by industry through superior placement and valued internships. CIMA is proud to be associated with the Department of Professional Studies, Christ (Deemed-to-be) University for achieving and sustaining their high quality standards in pursuit of all-round excellence”

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P. Venugopal

Chair Professor (Life), National Insurance Academy, Pune.

“I have had very personal relationship with Christ University since 2014-15. Right from my first visit to the impressive campus, I am always overwhelmed by the never ending enthusiasm of the Professors, to inculcate continuous creative thinking in the energetic and restless students who come from diverse upbringing, to achieve excellence in their field of study. I have keenly observed that the institution adopts novel training methodologies to bring out the latent intelligence of the students by regularly bringing in domain experts to interact with them. One of the activities that impresses me is the unique Insurance Club organised by the students to bring the best minds of the Insurance Industry, within India and abroad. I am also impressed by the Faculty who take pride, rightly so, in getting their highly competent students placed for internships and permanent appointment as well, around the globe. The students also derive enormous pride and satisfaction in publishing their research findings on the latest disruptions in the dynamic insurance field. I wish the Professors and the students never ending glory.”

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ACII, RPLU Senior General Manager J B Boda Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Pvt Ltd

“The Department of Professional Studies of the Christ University, Bangalore is an exemplary institution, for future education-oriented organisations who would want to follow the methods and rigors of mentoring out “Industry ready” scholars. The pedagogy of the department, incorporates a unique learning system, integrating sufficient extra mural activities, nudging the young minds into a being a full stack professional by the end of their graduation, on a seamless progression curve.
While the programme itself lends a lot of independent and creative thinking into the options the scholars have to make at the time of their admissions, the contents are an amazing blend of fun, frolic and academics. This coupled with an able leadership and entrepreneurial streak of the faculty, makes the graduation programme a remarkable experience and a worthwhile memory for the young minds. This programme is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to make a distinct mark in their professional careers be it banking insurance finance are related software domain.”

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Abhijit K Chattoraj,PhD

Chartered Insurer, ACII(UK),FIII,MBA,PGDHRM, CRICP(UK) Professor & Chairperson- PGDM-(Insurance Business Management)-IBM, Goodwill Ambassador-Chartered Insurance Institute, Vice President(Hon.) Risk Management Association of India, Member FICCI Health Insurance Committee, Birla School of Business and Management Technology

“Insurance programme of the Department of Professional Studies of Christ University, Bangalore is a well-designed course at the undergraduate level.    Students pursuing the above course are given ample exposure to the domain of insurance and risk management by practising professionals from the industry in addition to their regular financial and accounting qualifications.
I found the students quite updated and sync with the latest happenings of the insurance industry during my brief interaction with them during Crescendo Fest in 2019. I appreciate the various initiatives of the department to popularise insurance education at the undergraduate level.I wish them all the best.

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Jasmin Thakkar

(Founder, Vacationers Cafe) B Com H 2015

I consider myself absolutely lucky to have graduated from CHRIST (Deemed to be University). It helped me grow immensely as a person (and not just academically), and has made me who I am today. Extensive respect for the faculty who put their heart and soul to make each class interesting and fruitful for the students. Each faculty member has been super supportive and has given me a learning I carry for life. The experiences and opportunities at CHRIST are limitless. From the extra-curricular activities to academics, to the placements. It's a place where young boys and girls are groomed and trained to make their mark in the real world. CHRIST truly enhances your academic and interpersonal skills. CHRIST is one of the most well renowned institutions in the world. After experiencing my course here, I can see why. The faculty at department of Commerce at CHRIST has such a family feel to it, on campus. As a student, I never felt compelled to talk to just our class teacher. Each faculty is accommodating and will absolutely give the students the best advice.
CHRIST is a place to get involved and explore your passion with the great support from the highly profiled faculty team and the strong alumni network. The faculty of Department of Commerce at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is amazing and they always pay individual attention the students when needed


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Kanishka Raj Singh

(Journalist, Reuters) B Com Honours 2016

The environment of diverse views and academic fields at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) allowed for interaction, discussions and differences of opinion between people from all sides of the spectrum. As a commerce student, you could be participating in events with students from humanities or law and building friendships as well as excelling in your extracurricular interests. That ability to handle and understand diverse views played an important role when I came into the profession of journalism at the Reuters News Agency. Moreover, the specific curriculum at the School of Commerce, particularly the understanding of finances and basic economics, played an important role in enabling me to get started at Reuters as a business journalist with coverage of company news and macroeconomic indicators before I expanded coverage into other fields later in my career.

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Megna Jain

(Founder, Dream a Dozen) B Com 2015

I sold my first cupcake in second year of BCom honours and this hobby became a business because my professors pushed me to look at it that way. I was fortunate to be sent around the country presenting my business plan through the Entrepreneurship cell at college. Today, that business plan became a reality and I'm the founder of an all-women bakery called Dream a Dozen. CHRIST gives students every chance to believe that no matter what talent you have, with hard work you can pursue it to be a career opportunity that will change the world. 


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Carlson Tata FIA, ASA, MSc

Associate Director, Head of Life Actuarial Services, Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Nigeria

I was privileged to belong to the first batch of the MSc Actuarial Science programme at Christ University, Bangalore in June 2013, and this programme was instrumental to my success in completing the actuarial professional exams from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK. I started my actuarial professional exam journey in April 2014, and completed all the Core Technical (CT) exams during my stay at Christ University. I currently hold the Fellowship qualification of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
At Christ University, the MSc Actuarial Science curriculum was designed not just to help students succeed in the Core Technical professional exams, but to also give students knowledge and skills required to thrive in their careers as actuaries. Most of my faculties were professionals in the industry and knew what it takes to qualify as an actuary. 
I am a proud product of Christ University, Bangalore, where I also completed my undergraduate degree (BSc) in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. As an international student, Christ University made me feel at home, and I was privileged to be a beneficiary of its postgraduate Scholarship programme for Distinguished International Christites.
I am indeed grateful for my holistic development at Christ University, its Core Values and motto of Excellence and Service which has kept me MARCHING ON!

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Anjani Chowdary, MSc Actuarial Science

Associate Actuary, IFoA Pricing Analyst, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Sky is not a limit, there is a world beyond it- that is what I experienced in the 2 years I spent with my CHRIST family. I am truly blessed to be a part of this world-class institution as each day was a new learning experience. I got the opportunity to explore and discover myself.
MSc. Actuarial Science (MSAS) is a unique postgraduate course offered by CHRIST Deemed to be University as its uniqueness is reflected in the curriculum, professors who are industry professionals, companies coming for placements and the vide it creates for students to grow and prosper.
Residing in Jonas Hall, was the cherry on the top. At 7:30 in the morning, it was a pleasure to see the smiling faces of our guards, friends and the teachers. I miss those fresh mornings!
I remember the days as a University Student Council member, it provided me with a platform to represent our small MSAS family and spread awareness of the Actuarial Profession and the course to a wider audience.
The journey from a Student to an Adjunct faculty of MSAS, was like a journey of transformation from a seed to a plant. This would not have been possible without our lovely faculty members. They were more than a family who inspired us and kept us motivated throughout and even after graduating.
Towards the end of my post-graduation, little did I realize that CHRIST paved the way for me to embark upon a new journey of accomplishing the dreams.

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I am excited to share how pursuing CA Intermediate along with BCom F&A degree at Christ University has been an incredible experience. Clearing CA Foundation was a big milestone for me, and the integrated courses in BCom have been very useful in preparing for CA Intermediate. This has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, and has made studying for both programmes a lot more streamlined. Moreover, the timings of the BCom classes being in the morning have been very beneficial as we attend CA coaching classes after the BCom classes. The faculties are incredibly supportive and motivating, providing the right advice at the right time. Pursuing two programmes simultaneously is no easy feat, but their constant support has helped me so much.

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Mathew Varghese


“The best way to gain a competitive edge is through training and experience .If you are looking to create niche as an Investment professional, Then Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification is highly recommended. With the ever –changing financial landscape, CFA training would help you stay at speed with the demands of profession and add value to your companies and client.”

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Tenzin Woeser


I am delighted to share my testimonial on winning both the Best Delegate award   for MUN and the Second Prize in the Book Review Competition. These accomplishments have truly been a highlight of my academic journey, and I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me by Department and the competition organizers. Winning these awards has not only boosted my confidence but has also motivated me to strive for excellence in all my endeavors. I look forward to utilizing the skills and knowledge gained through these experiences in my future pursuits.

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Priyanshi Dumka

BBA Finance and Accountancy

“what is there you can’t achieve with patience and preserverance. I am thrilled to share my ongoing journey with Christ University. Christ University is an exceptional institution that provides a conducive learning environment for students to excel academically and personally. The Department of Professional Studies is helping me grow immensely as an individual. Colossal admiration for the faculty, moreover the curriculum is designed in such a way that it is diverse and newfangled, ensuring that students are all systems go for their future careers.  One such programme is Insurance, which provides a deep understanding of insurance policies and their importance in safeguarding individuals and businesses from financial losses. Before coming to Christ, I believed Insurance to be mere a policy and matrix of agents but to my surprise it was much more than that, insurance provides opportunities for hands-on-learning, stimulations, risk-assessing projects and immeasurable. Insurance has professional exams in 3 stages – Licentiate, Associate, and Fellowship. I take pride in divulging that I am the first Licentiate of Christ University Yeshwanthpur Campus and much more to go!”

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Sonal Pereira


I take immense pleasure to share that I've cleared CA foundation with distinction while pursuing a degree in Bcom F&A 1st year. I'm glad that I made a right decision of choosing Christ University which offered me a wonderful course that has a blend of both Bcom F&A and CA through out it's entire programme. It was indeed a great experience while tackling the battle of clearing this exam, which was truly challenging. Despite it being competitive, I gave in all my efforts and I'm here today, having cleared the exam. Studying a unique kind of course has provided me a fantastic experience and a new way of being able to manage time with inculcating technical as well as soft skills which are going to help me for my next step of success. I managed to even participate in extra curricular activities. Department has never let me stay idle, which I'm truly enjoying while studying.

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