Sadiq Amini

Program Manager
Outreach, Observer Research Foundation America (ORF America)


Bipasha Kalita

IRS, Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax
South Delhi

M A Economics

Surabhi Hodigere

Political Quotient

B A Economics Honors (2012) and Masters, Harvard Kennedy School

Sonam Tandon

She Temple Boutique

Winner - Riovera Women Achiever’s Award (2019)

M A Applied Economics (2015)

Dipti Ramesh

Amnesty International and
Currently Head - Campaigns (Prevention of Child SexuAL Abuse),
VAANI - Deaf Children’s Foundation

BA Economics Honors (2011)

Jesal D Sheth

Senior Associate
Department of Economics
Financial Conduct Authority and PhD from University of Nottingham

BA Economics Honors (2014)

Sonkashi Ruhela, PhD

MSc Counselling Psychology 
Associate Registrar, Amity University Dubai

Jaskiran Warrik

MSc Counselling Psychology 
Project Lead, Food Innovation Hub, World Economic

Kanak Shukla Bajpai

MSc Counselling Psychology
2008 - 2010
Senior Specilaist, Learning and Development, Lee Hecht Harrison India

J Anish Kumar

MSc Psychology -Human Resource Development and Management
2010 - 2012
Manager, Talent Acquisition, PayPal

Romate John, PhD

BA (Psychology, Sociology, English)
Dean, School of Social and Behavioural Sciences 

Siddharth Ramanan

BA (Psychology Honors)
2008 - 2011
Research Scientist at MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Camebridge

Dhvani Toprani, PhD

MSc Counselling Psychology 
2012 – 2014
Instructional Technologist, Elon University, USA

Aisha Abdulllahi Bubah

MSc Counselling Psychology 
Psychologist & Founder, The Sunshine Series & Idimma. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung OMYV Fellow. President, YALI RLC Ng Alumni

Swathi Vellal

MSc Clinical Pschology 
Founder, Director- Ishanya India Foundation, Center for Individuals With Special Needs

Monica Kamath

MSc Psychology Human Resource Development and Management
2014 - 2016
Public Policy and Communications Officer, Dunzo

Kritika Kulhari

MSc Clinical Psychology 
2017 - 2019
Flying Officer, Indian Air Force

Pia Nathani, PhD

MSc Counselling Psychology 
2010 -2012 
Founder of Psychology and Beyond. LLC Licensed Psychologist, USA

Noel Singh Das, PhD

MSc Psychology – Human Resource Development and Managemnt 
2015 - 2017
Research Associate, University of Florida

Ipsita Chakrabarti

MSc Clinical Psychology 
2007 – 2009
Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Samarth Early Intervention Centre, Pune

Anugraha Merin Rajan, PhD

MSc Clinical Psychology 
2007 – 2009
Assistant Professor, Central University of Punjab

Tommy K Liang, Psy D

MPhl Psychology 
2009- 2011
Clinical Traumatologist, RSW, Hong Kong

Mathews George

BA (Journalism, Psychology English)
MSc Clinical Psychology 
2004- 2009
Lecturer / Researcher in theology, science and religion at Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth, Faridabad


BA (Psychology, Communicative English, Literature)
MSc Clinical Psychology 
 2005 - 2010

Executive Director, Cadabams Group

Deepti Baid (Srinivasan)

BA (Psychology
2001 – 2004 
Director, ResilienceWorks; EAP & POSH Expert

Jongsoon Koo, PhD

MSc Counselling Psychology
PhD Psychology, 2013-2021
ISHCMC School Counsellor, Vietnam

Rithi Baruah, PhD

PhD Psychology 
2014- 2018
Head Human Factors- Crew Resource Management at Vistara - TATA SIA Airlines Ltd.

Sanskar Agarwal

MSc Counselling Psychology 
2019- 2021
Training Lead, Cure Fit

Sanchita Suri

MSc Counselling Psychology 
2014 - 2016
Managing Director and Counselling Psychologist

Deeya Mitra, PhD

BA Psychology Honors
MSc Counselling Psychologist
2008 - 2013
Assistant Professor, Salisbury University, USA

Saswati Chaudhuri, PhD

MSc Psychology – Human Resource Development and Management
2012- 2014
Eye Tracking Researcher, Central Finland

Kabir Joshi

MSc Psychology – Humna Resource Management and Development 
2014- 2016
Bayes Business School, United Kingdom

Divya Khanna

MSc Counselling Psychology 
2007 – 2009 
Director - CRM, Human Dynamic Group at Human Dynamic Group, Asia Pacefic

Michelle Normen

MSc Counselling Psychology 
2009 – 2011
BHT Karunashraya

Sumedha Sharma

MSc Clinical Psychology 
2012- 2014
Lead Therapist (BCBA), United Arab Emirates

Mr JaiKumar Chandrasekhar

Inner voice, Bengaluru
(MSW 2007-2009)

Dr Anila Michael

Mental Health Social Worker,
London Borough of Hounslow
(MSW 2009-2011)

Mr Nuthan Prasad

Assistant Director
Employee Relations EY
(MSW 2006-2008)

Dr Madhavi Manchi

University of Auckland
(MA Sociology 2006-2008)

Mr Justin Paul

SAP Startup Studio Industry & Product Leadership
SAP Labs India
(MSW 2009-2011)

Ms Ramya Rajasekhar

Learning and Talent Development Specialist
Digital 14 UAE
(MSW 2008-2010)

Leena David

Project Manager
Capgemini Digital Inclusion
CSR France
(MSW 2010-2012)

Dr Anil John

Assistant Professor
Rajagiri College of Social Sciences
(MSW 2010-2012)

Sachin K John

Senior Medical Social Worker
St John’s Medical College Hospital
(MSW 2008-2010)

Treeza Cherian

Clinical Social Worker
Waikato District Health Board
New Zealand
(MSW 2009-2011)

Kritika B P

Associate Manager HR
(MSW 2009-2011)

Justin Varghese

Clinical Coordinator
Hawke’s Bay District Health Board
New Zealand
(MSW 2009-2011)

Prem Kumar

Manager HR
Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd
(MSW 2009-2011)

Soji James

Social Worker
(MSW 2008-2010)

Reshmi Muddaiah

Inclusion and Diversity Manager
(MSW 2010-2012)

Cyril John

Assistant Professor
CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
(MSW 2009-2011)

Navendu Rashmi

Senior Executive
(MA Sociology 2011-2013)

Induja Aravind

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
(MA Sociology 2016-2018)

Prajwal N

Doctoral Researcher
Utrecht University
(MA Sociology 2015-2017)

Clinton Paulraj

Operations Associate
(MA Sociology 2016-2018)

Pooja Krishnakumar

Doctoral Scholar
Anthropology and Sociology
SOAS Junior Fellow
Centre for Applied Trans Studies
(MA Sociology 2016-2018)

Chaitrika Das

Senior Project Executive
Ethnus Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd
(MA Sociology 2016-2018)

Smritika Surin

Project Manager
AC & AI Domain Microsoft
(MA Sociology 2014-2016)

Sukanya Majumdar

Team Lead
(MA Sociology 2014-2016)

Neomi DCruz

Senior Fraud Analyst
LinkedIn India
(MA Sociology 2014-2016)

Chaitra Neerubhabi

Assistant Facilitator
Sparking Mindz
(MA Sociology 2018-2020)

Sayanti Dutta

Assistant Professor
Vivekananda College for Women
(MA Sociology 2016-2018)

Sonika Kumar

Content Analyst
(MA Sociology 2018-2020)

Bharadwaj Kannan

Assistant Professor in Finance
Cornell University

MA Economics (2008)

Somya Bajaj

World Bank

BA Economics Honors (2015)

Akash Krishnan

Senior Principal
Research - Gartner

B A Economics Honours (2011)

Vijayamba R

Senior Research Fellow
Indian Statistical Institute

M A Applied Economics (2016)


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