Roshni Menon

King's College London Chevening Scholar Editor at King's Student Law Review Editor at Freedom Gazette

My undergraduate days at School of Law, Christ University were the building blocks that helped me start a successful career as a corporate lawyer. The law school and the faculty imparted legal education at a high level and presented me with numerous opportunities to hone my leadership skills, networking abilities, and improve my confidence through class presentations, moots, debates, seminars, and conferences. The university library also played a key role in allowing me to access valuable knowledge resources and undertake interesting research projects.

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Ramya Chandrashekhar

BBA-LLB (Hons) 2013-2018

Studying at SLCU is not just a course to obtain a degree, it is a holistic experience! The 5 year, 10 semester long journey with its rigorous classroom lectures, multiple projects and assignments, and continuous internal assessments truly churned out the talents and skills I possess today as a successful lawyer. Apart from its strong academic inclination, SLCU also provided me with a large number of opportunities to secure prestigious internships and participate in moot court competitions, conferences, and journal publications. It also provided a platform to hone my leadership skills and event management abilities. I firmly believe that the utilization of these opportunities and the balancing of academics with internships and extra-curriculars majorly contributed to my legal career and development as a lawyer. I am definitely proud to be a Christite!

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Shoryavardhan Bisaria

Advocate Supreme Court of India

School of Law, Christ was platform for getting involved in free debate and building a culture of academic excellence. With its world class infrastructure and probably the best Law library amongst Indian law schools Christ gave me a place to dwell into and expand my interest in reading, research and legal analyses which has been critical in my professional life. The faculty and staff has been always encouraging when it came to students taking an extra step towards excellence, whether it be academics or co-curricular. I must give a special mention of the stellar debating and mooting culture of Christ which helped me build an edge over other when it comes having a dialogue on any relevant contemporary topic . Christ as a law school and with its inter-department benefits has left a lasting and strong watermark on me which I can carry proudly wherever I go in my professional and personal life.

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Shashank Atreya

Senior Resident Fellow, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

My time at School of Law, Christ University was an unforgettable experience, filled with strong peer to peer engagements, faculty-student collaboration and numerous opportunities which always allowed me to keep busy. Christ University is a vibrant space, it is designed to keep you engaged academically and its diverse culture opens up a number of learning opportunities across departments and deaneries. As a lawyer it is important to have an interdisciplinary learning approach and Christ University provides that. Lastly, Christ University has an ocean of departments and the format of learning allows you to engage and collaborate with faculties of any department. Having interacted with several students and colleagues, I can confidently say that Christ University definitely prepares you to face the world confidently and helps you distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. I am truly privileged and lucky to have been part of the Christ University family and I hope to be associated with it for many years to come

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Pawan Relay

Advocate Supreme Court of India and Founder, NIEV Judicial Education

SLCU instilled deep-rooted discipline in my life which has a vital role to play in litigation. My college education has exceptionally prepared me for a smooth transition from college to work by providing me with the skills necessary to succeed. I feel that the experience I gained from SLCU was truly valuable- as it has prepared me for my successful law career thus far.

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