Date: 12th-16th March 2018

An entire week of the even semester is dedicated for the celebration and appreciation of the different teaching and non teaching staff to appreciate their year long efforts and the Student Council conducts activities for every day of the week to felicitate every member of the staff.

Date: 9th-14th July 2018

The Golden Jubilee celebrations in the University included distribution of souvenirs - the official postal stamp and post cards to students and faculty. The student council played a major role right from the organization of such large numbers of post cards to ensuring that it reaches every single student and faculty.

Date: 17th-21st August 2018

The Student Council with the support of management organized a drive for collection of money towards the Kerala and Coorg Flood Relief Fund. A considerable amount was contributed by the students collectively.

Date: 5th September 2018

Various programs are conducted for the teachers by their respective departments all across the three campuses and a main event is organized in the main auditorium by the SWO along with the Student Council.

Date: 8th September 2018

Bhasha Utsav or ‘Ethnic Day’, as it is popularly known, is an occasion for the students to showcase their ethnicities and celebrate the multicultural spirit of our nation through the festivities during the day

Date: 7th-8th December 2018

The career fest organized entirely by the Student Council Body held in the last week of November, aims at guiding and assisting the student community as well as the parents regarding the various academic and career choices provided by the University.

Date: Odd Semester- Month of August 2018
Even Semester- Month of January 2019

An open forum is organized by the Student Council members of every Deanery to obtain constructive feedback regarding the overall student life on campus.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATIONS (Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences)  
Date: 5th June 2018

A stall was set up for fun and games, with a learning lesson behind them all. From timed “waste segregation” games, to handouts in the form of badges with quotes on them, the aim was to spread awareness creatively.

OPEN MIC (Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences)  
Date: 25th July 2018

An event aimed at bathroom singers and air instrumentalists having a platform to perform-An initiative by the Department of Music and Department of Media Studies.

TRIP TO RAAGI KANNA, An initiative by Gram Seva Sangh (Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences)  
Date: 12th August 2018

The student council members of DOHSS, along with some Indest members and Prof.Padmakumar, spent an afternoon learning about and indulging in millet based food- the eco-friendly alternative!

Date: 12th September 2018

The power of words knows no bounds, especially with this competition that unleashed the creative thoughts of all talented young writers. This brought forth unique views and opinions in the sensitive issues of gender and the need for gender equity.

Date: 14th September 2018

This competition was hosted with the objective to eradicate the stereotype of cooking as a job of the weaker gender. It was well received with passion & dedication along with a vast platter of delicacies served.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION WORKSHOP (Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences)  
Date: 15th September 2018

Understanding, accepting and resolving conflicts is important for personal growth. This workshop served as a crash course for the same.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD (Department of Management Studies)  
Date: 27th November 2018

The Council is planning to set a world record as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration. The Golden Jubilee logo of ’50 Years’ will be created entirely in books as symbol of a glorious 50 years of education.

MUN (Model United Nations) (Department of Management Studies)  
Date: November 2018

To enrich the experiences that the real world will offer in the form of debate, public speaking, critical thinking, leadership and much more, MUN provides the platform and offers a dynamic world. Students have to constantly innovate themselves and coordinate in a rigorous set-up built to enhance learning.

GENDER SENSITISATION (Department of Management Studies)  
Date: February/March 2019

A flagship event of the council, it is held to bring awareness on issues relating to gender in the modern & educated world. The winners of the competitions held in the previous semester will be awarded with the certificates & prizes in this event.