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1 Transgender And Education: Scope, Challenges Ahead In Pandemic Times Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI) 23-Jul-2021 12 / 7 / 14099-14106

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Title of Article Transgender And Education: Scope, Challenges Ahead In Pandemic Times
Name of Journal Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI)
Volume No 12
Issue No 7
Page No 14099-14106
URL www.tojqi.net/index.php/journal
Indexing Agency Scopus
Date of Publication 23-Jul-2021
Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
1 Income Escaping Assessment ? Procedure to be followed and the interplay between Sec. 148 and 143 of the Income Tax Act https://ctlnlud.wordpress.com/2021/08/03/income-escaping-assessment-procedure-to-be-followed-and-the-interplay-between-sec-148-and-143-of-the-income-tax-act/ Law of taxation
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1 Conference Presenter New Age Businesses and Sustainable Economic Development COP 26: A Blueprint for Green Future 10/12/2021 ICFAI Law school Hyderabad International
2 Conference Participant Combating Trafficking In Person: Theory To Practice 30/07/2021 Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi National
3 Seminar Presenter International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility: Legal, Social and Ethics Role of Corporate social responsibility and Tax Transparency- A Study 25/07/2021 Knowledge Steez EDU HUB International
4 Seminar Participant Child Rights And Child Protection vis-a-vis International Human Rights and Humanitarian law 18/07/2021 Amity Law School of Amity University Jharkhand, Ranchi National
5 Seminar Participant Live Webinar On Faceless assessments: recent rulings and its implications) 17/07/2021 Taxmann Team, & Delloite National
6 Seminar Participant The Protagonist Approach of the Welfare State in Elimination of Environmental Perils and Encouragement of Sustainable Development 10/07/2021 Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore National
7 Symposium Participant Taxation As A System 11/06/2021 VGU School of Law, Vivekananda Global University National
8 Conference Presenter Techno-Legal Dynamics of Banking Laws and Regulations ?A Critical Analysis of Opportunities And Challenges In Digital Banking? 23/04/2021 ICFAI Law School, ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad International
9 Conference Participant Future of Consumerism: A Role of Sustainable Living 15/03/2021 Consumer Assisto In Collaboration With New Indian Consumer Initiative & Indicc Associates Organises International
10 Seminar Presenter Gender Justice and Constitutional Values: A Reflection on Concept of Family and Rights of Women Live-In Relationship in Indian context- Rights and Legal interpretation 03/02/2021 The National University Of Advanced Legal Studies Nuals, Kochi International
11 Seminar Presenter International Seminar on Globalized World and Cyber Crimes Remedies Provided by Law to Address Crime Against Women: Legal Challenges 30/01/2021 Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur International
12 Seminar Presenter Globalizing world and cyber crime Remedies provided by Law to address cyber crimes against women: Legal Challenges 30/01/2021 Law mantra International
13 Seminar Participant Concept of Human Rights 10/12/2020 Karnataka State Law University?s Law School, Hubballi National
14 Seminar Presenter International conference on Paradigm shift in Economy post 2020 Faceless Assessment And Appeals Under The Income Tax Law 2020 - A step in right direction during pandemic 03/12/2020 Atmiya - Lincoln , University college , Malaysia International
15 Seminar Participant Digital Transformation: Managing IP Rights Through Blockchain 28/11/2020 IP Assisto National
16 Seminar Participant Digital Transformation: Managing Ip Rights Through Blockchain 28/11/2020 IP Assisto National
17 Seminar Presenter Entrepreneurship And Technology: Future Trends Impact Of Covid-19 On Start-Ups In India 27/11/2020 Army Institute of Law, Mohali, Punjab National
18 Seminar Participant Is it time to overhaul the constitution? 26/11/2020 Manav Rachna , Faridabad , Haryana National
19 Conference Participant International conference on contemporary challenges to Human Rights 2020 17/05/2020 Youth of human rights India International
20 Seminar Participant Live Webinar On Impact of Finance Act, 2020 on Residential Status 12/05/2020 Taxmann, Allied services private limited. National
21 Seminar Participant Impact of Finance Act, 2020 on Residential Status 12/05/2020 Taxmann Team, CA Ashish Karundia & Naveen Wadhwa. National
22 Conference Presenter International conference on Law, Society and Development Right to Health for Children in India: A Critical Analysis 06/03/2020 Christ Academy, Institution of Law, Banglore International
23 Seminar Presenter child rights social economic and cultural dimensions Protection of Child Human Rights: An Analysis 15/02/2020 uils National
24 Seminar Presenter Dynamics of gender equations in 21st century:Social Legal Perspectives Uniform civil code and gender equality 12/10/2019 Army Institute of Law, Mohali National
25 Seminar Presenter Transformation in soCiety and law: issues and Challenges GST: A study 27/09/2019 Rayat College of law National
26 Conference Presenter CommerCial arbitration and its magnitude with speCial reference to india as emerging hub Alternative dispute resolution system : an analysis 04/08/2019 university of pepperdine, California International
27 Conference Presenter National conference on contemporary Aspects of Direct Taxes Capital Gains Account Scheme for exemption of Capital Gains under Income Tax Act - An analysis of the Legal issuesCapital Gains Account Scheme for exemption of Capital Gains under Income Tax Act ? An analysis of the Legal issues 16/03/2019 Damodram Sanjivayya National Law University, NYAYAPRASTHA,Sabbavaram,Visakhapatnam. National
28 Seminar Presenter Media and changing society:dilemmas and challenges Media and human rights 29/09/2018 Army Institute of Law , Mohali, punjab National
29 Seminar Presenter Environmental law and Governance: Issues & challenges Judiciary: Guardian Angel of Passive Smokers 22/09/2018 University Instituteof Legal studies(UILS), Chandigarh International
30 Seminar Presenter Law and Justice : Emerging issues Human Rights and Environment Protection:Indian Perspective 15/02/2018 Punjab university, chandigarh National
31 Seminar Presenter Realization of Human Rights in a Globalised World Emergence of Multinational Corporation as Powerful Global Actor and Human Rights 04/01/2018 Department of law, Central University of Kerala International
32 Conference Presenter National conference on Cyber & IT Protection Spies of the virtual world: Cyber spying an emerging cyber crime 11/11/2017 Christ University National
33 Conference Presenter Media- Hopes & Despairs Role of Media in Democratic Governance: A study 28/10/2017 KLE Society Law college, Bengaluru National
34 Seminar Presenter Challenges to Human Security in 21st Century Recognizing of Rights of the Victims of Climate Change under Public International Law: A Study 16/09/2017 Army Institute of Law, Mohali, Punjab National
35 Seminar Presenter virtual Realities and Emerging Inequalities The right to information Act: ways to make it more effective 24/09/2016 Army Institute of Law, Mohali, punjab National
36 Seminar Presenter Access to justice in India Access to justice for all in India- A step forward 07/11/2015 Army Institute of Law , Mohali National
37 Seminar Presenter The Emerging Issues of Human Rights Role of Judiciary ensuring economic, social and cultural Rights in Indian Context 09/02/2013 Christ University National
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Ethos and Core values of the Indian Constitution Samvidhan Divas 26/11/2021 ISBR LAW COLLEGE ,Electronics City- Phase -1 , Bangalore -560100.
2 Over view of Income tax Lecture 18/11/2020 Ramaiah college of law
3 unborn child and Rule of perpetuity lecture 26/02/2020 Ramaiah college of law
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Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Role Date
1 E-Learning in Legal Education: Leadership Strategies School of law , Christ university Institutional Participant & Presenter 25/08/2021
2 The Promotion and Development of Geographical Indication (GI)ATool for Regional Promotion and Protection of Heritage Centre for IPR Studies (CIPRS), School of Law, Galgotias University in association with GMGC, Pune & Odita Trust, Odisha International Participant 03/07/2021
3 Writing effective research paper Lincoln University. Malaysia International Participant 14/06/2021
4 Constitutional values and Fundamental Rights Amity University, Noida National Participant 07/06/2021
5 Faculty Development Program on IPR Curriculum Development and Pedagogy For Teaching Changing Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights In The Era Of Globalization? Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur National Participant 01/06/2021
6 e Educational Leadership Programme - Towards a Futuristic Legal Education school of law , christ university Institutional Participant 19/05/2021
7 Hybrid Teaching Christ university Participant 02/03/2021
8 Developing future ready legal education school of law, christ university Institutional Participant 11/01/2021
9 How to Publish in Scopus Indexed Journal Gujarat National University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India National Participant 31/10/2020
10 Live Webinar On Understanding The Applicability of Provisions of TCS Under Section 206C (1H), Taxmann National Participant 15/10/2020
11 American Contract Law II Yale University International Participant & Presenter 01/09/2020
12 Privacy in Europe EIT Digital and offered through Coursera International Participant & Presenter 22/08/2020
13 Law and vulenrable Karnataka state law university, Karnataka National Participant 18/08/2020
14 What does it mean to identify as Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC)? University of Minnesota International Participant & Presenter 18/08/2020
15 Law and Vulnerable Karnataka University, Bangalore National Participant 18/08/2020
16 SEL for Students: A Path to Social Emotional Well- Being University of Colorado Boulder International Participant & Presenter 16/08/2020
17 Moral Foundations of Politics Yale University International Participant & Presenter 15/08/2020
18 Children's Human Rights - An Interdisciplinary Introduction University of Geneva International Participant & Presenter 10/08/2020
19 "THE CONTEMPORARY ISSUES & CHALLENGES FACED BY MODERN JAMMU & KASHMIR: SOCIO-CULTURAL AND POLITICAL Ministry of Human Resource Development Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching National Participant & Presenter 10/08/2020
20 Approaches and Challenges to Interdisciplinary Research St. Joseph?s College of Law National Participant 05/08/2020
21 American Contract Law I Yale University International Participant & Presenter 23/07/2020
22 Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace University of Pittsburgh International Participant & Presenter 18/07/2020
24 Understanding Research Methods University of London International Participant & Presenter 21/06/2020
25 Introduction to International Criminal Law Case Western Reserve University International Participant & Presenter 20/06/2020
26 Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy The University of North Carolina International Participant & Presenter 17/06/2020
27 Citizenship and the Rule of Law University of London International Participant & Presenter 14/06/2020
28 Feminism and Social Justice University of California, Santa Cruz International Participant & Presenter 11/06/2020
29 The Teacher's Social and Emotional Learning University of Colorado International Participant & Presenter 01/06/2020
30 Learning to Teach Online UNSW SYDNEY International Participant & Presenter 15/05/2020
33 Online Teaching Christ university Participant 22/04/2020
34 Online Teaching CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore Participant 22/04/2020
35 Outcome- Based Pedagogical Practices and Evaluation Techniques Christ university Participant 05/11/2019
36 Access and Benefit sharing and conservation of Biological Diversity national law school of university, Bengaluru National Invited Resource Person/Trainer 28/09/2019
37 pedagogie practices and evaluation christ university Participant & Presenter 20/05/2019
38 curriculum innovation in law christ(deemed to be university ) Presenter 21/05/2018
39 pedagogie methods christ university Participant & Presenter 17/05/2017
40 Faculty Development Program on Philosophy, Law and interpretation of statues School of Law Institutional Participant & Presenter 05/12/2016
41 Quality development program on Research and Publication School of Law Participant 01/12/2016
42 Research methods and Skills School of Law, Christ university, Banglore Institutional Participant & Presenter 24/10/2016
43 Legal Research School of Law, Christ university, Banglore Institutional Participant 19/05/2016
44 Rethinking Teaching Learning Pedagogy Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus Rayat College of law Institutional Participant 09/07/2015
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Judge in the moot court competition National Moot Court Competition Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru 09 March 2019
Sl.No. Faculties Theme of Consultancy Type
1 SONIKA BHARDWAJ,SAPNA S Income tax Department - Legal Series Paid
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