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Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
Sl.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No
Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title Title of Book ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title of Chapter/Article ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title Title of Case Study ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Title Abstract Objectives Type Sponsors
Sl.No. Title Place of Publication ISBN No. Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Participant Aesthetica 25/01/2021 Christ University International
2 Conference Organizer Aesthetica 25/01/2021 Christ University International
3 Conference Participant Reimagining the Arts and Artist 25/01/2021 Christ University International
4 Conference Organizer Aesthetica - 2021 25/01/2021 Christ University International
5 Conference Presenter Aethetica 2019 Relevance of Social Themes in Indian Classical Dance Pertaining to Bharathanatyam 21/09/2019 Christ University National
6 Conference Participant Aesthetica 2018 21/09/2019 Christ University National
7 Conference Participant Joint 14th world congress of Bioethics& 7th National Bioethics Conference 05/12/2018 International Association of Bioethics International
8 Conference Presenter National Conference on Change in Dimensions in Performing Arts Possible Innovation in Bharathanatyam 14/09/2018 Christ University National
9 Participant Library Space and Content Management Library Space and Content Management - Darmaram International
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
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Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title of Invention Inventor(s) Filing Date
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Role Date
1 Academic Writing - Ethical issues GISS International Participant 16/09/2023
2 Bharathanatyam Advanced Course Apsaras Dance company, Singapore International Participant 16/06/2023
3 Curriculum design and revision with specific focus on OBE Christ University Institutional Participant 05/12/2022
4 Faculty Development Programme - I Christ University Institutional Participant 06/07/2022
5 National Arts Strategies MOOC International Participant 01/05/2022
6 Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture Vanderbilt University International Participant 01/04/2022
7 International Research Programme ICT and Digital Literacy and sponsored by Google Adsense International Participant 07/03/2022
8 Mail Merge Using word Processor Media studies&IT Services, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional Participant 17/02/2022
9 National Research Programme on Effective Research Paper Matterhere National Participant 14/02/2022
10 National Research Programme on Research Draft Matterhere National Participant 07/02/2022
11 Faculty Development Programme - I- 2021 CHRIST(Deemed to be University) Institutional Participant 16/06/2021
12 QIP on HYBRID TEACHING CHRIST(Deemed to be University) Participant 02/03/2021
13 Introduction to Research California Institute of Behavioral Neuroscrences & Psychology International Participant 15/09/2020
14 Research Proposal writing California Institute of Behavioral Neuroscrences & Psychology International Participant 15/09/2020
15 Understanding fine arts from various perspective TRICHIRAPPALLI DIOCESAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY National Participant 09/09/2020
16 Assessing - Reassessing Skills during Covid Times Shanti Devi Arya Mahila College National Participant 04/08/2020
17 Soft Skills Pioneer Kumaraswamy College National Participant 27/07/2020
18 Sankeerna Alarippu Kalaikaviri College of Fine Arts National Participant 22/07/2020
19 WEBINAR ON A NEW BEGINNING G.N.T.ARTS COLLEGE National Participant 21/07/2020
21 Enriching your profile through quality research Hallmark Business School National Participant 15/07/2020
22 Research Methodology in Dance and Music Kalaikaviri College of Fine Arts National Participant 08/07/2020
23 Roman Art and Archeology MOOC International Participant 11/06/2020
24 How to write resume MOOC International Participant 10/06/2020
25 Photography Techniques MOOC International Participant 28/05/2020
26 Learning to teach Online MOOC International Participant 07/05/2020
27 Healing with the Art MOOC International Participant 07/05/2020
28 So you think you can Tango MOOC International Participant 06/05/2020
29 First step Korean MOOC International Participant 06/05/2020
30 Online teaching CHRIST(Deemed to be University) Participant 22/04/2020
31 The Science of Well being MOOC International Participant 02/01/2020
32 Research Methodology for Music and Dance University of Madras, Chennai National Participant 04/11/2019
33 Leadership Praveen Kenneth Chair on Leadership Institutional Participant 09/10/2019
34 Workshop on constructive alignment in outcome based education United Board for Higher Education in India Institutional Participant 12/09/2019
35 Natyasastra study and Bharathanatyam Kalarpana Research Institution of Padmasree Shobhana National Participant 05/07/2019
36 Academic Staff College CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Organiser & Participant 20/05/2019
37 Training on Google class room Media Studie s Department Institutional Participant 14/11/2018
38 Bharathanatyam Workshop Milapfest and Apsras Arts, Singapore International Participant 31/08/2018
39 Frontier Areas In The Subject and Curriculum Updation Academic Staff College Participant 21/05/2018
40 Academic Staff College Christ University Organiser & Participant 21/05/2018
41 Margam Dance Workshop Smt.Padmini Ravi Institutional Participant 18/12/2016
42 Tradition Beyond Boarders PADMINI RAVI DANCE ACADEMY Regional - 24/12/2015
43 Routledge editorial workshop Taylor & Francis India Institutional - 25/09/2014
44 Gurugulam Training Camp in Bharathanatyam LASYA College of Music and Dance , Indira Kala Sangit University, Kannur Institutional Participant 16/05/2010
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 ‘NRUTHYA SIRONMANI' Award Sri Nruthya Sikhara Natyalaya July 2006
2 EXCELLENCE Award Rotary International 2007
3 Winner of South Zone Inter Commerce Meet Dr.GRD College of Science February 2005
4 Best Performer Awarded as one among the 5 best performers in National Classical Competition National Classical Competition 2005
5 Meritorious Alumni Award In recognition of the exemplary feats in the field of Bharathanatyam Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts 10/10/2015
6 Performance /Workshop conducted Was invited by KALAI ARUVI DANCE ACADEMY for their graduation day ceremony. Kalai Aruvi Dance Academy, Canada, Toronto March, 2016
7 Nadam Kathak Performance at Prakruthi Hubba Festival Supported by Ministry of Culture Prakruthi 18 March 2023
Sl.No. Faculties Theme of Consultancy Type
1 PRABIN V,SUNIL KUMAR M P NCC - RDC Cultural Programme Paid
Sl.No. Applicants Title Date Published


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