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1 Impact of derivatives trading on Investors in Indian capital Market Journal of Science 21-Nov-2020 33 / 11 / 01-09

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Impact of derivatives trading on Investors in Indian capital Market
Name of Journal Journal of Science
Volume No 33
Issue No 11
Page No 01-09
URL https://gujs.org/volume-33-issue-11/
Indexing Agency Scopus
Date of Publication 21-Nov-2020
2 Regional Budgetary allocation for smart city mission in India Test Engineering and Management 01-Apr-2020 83 / March-pril 2020 / 5951-5958

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Regional Budgetary allocation for smart city mission in India
Name of Journal Test Engineering and Management
Volume No 83
Issue No March-pril 2020
Page No 5951-5958
URL http://www.testmagzine.biz/index.php/testmagzine/index
Indexing Agency Scopus
Date of Publication 01-Apr-2020
3 Service Supply Chain-Lean and Green Practices adopted by Indian Banks TEST Engineering & Management magazine 26-Feb-2020 82 / / 12560-12565

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Service Supply Chain-Lean and Green Practices adopted by Indian Banks
Name of Journal TEST Engineering & Management magazine
Volume No 82
Issue No
Page No 12560-12565
URL http://www.testmagzine.biz/index.php/testmagzine/article/view/2861/2508
Indexing Agency Scopus
Date of Publication 26-Feb-2020
4 Influence of Technology, its Impact on Urban Migration Productive Capacity Waffen-Und Kostumkunde 17-Feb-2020 XI / II / 151-166

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Sole
Author Name (s) HEMALATHA R
Title of Article Influence of Technology, its Impact on Urban Migration Productive Capacity
Name of Journal Waffen-Und Kostumkunde
Volume No XI
Issue No II
Page No 151-166
URL http://druckhaus-hofmann.de
Indexing Agency Web of Science
Date of Publication 17-Feb-2020
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1 Affordable Housing in Bangalore City: A Realty Challenge The city of Bangalore witnessed several changes in the trading of goods and services from pre-independence period. The city has transformed from selling local produce to setting up the nucleus of the Information Technology industry in the country. This phenomenal growth is also witnessed in the expansion of the geographic boundaries of the city. The city?s developmental fate has changed hands through several bureaucratic powers. The government has segregated the powers based on smaller geographical areas or wards, functional development required and many other criteria. This led many developmental projects to be initiated in isolation, lack of funds and resources and coordination which has largely affected the common man?s day-to-day life. With the city attracting large numbers of people from the rural hinterlands, other cities and even other countries seeking job employment, the population has multiplied. This has further caused bottlenecks in infrastructure development, particularly housing for the teeming population. In specific, the lower middle and lower classes of the society are bereft of any hope to own a house of their own. The government?s land allocation efficiency is under question. The government decided to invite private participation to aid housing for these sections of the society. Though affordable housing is not a new concept there was marginal effort from private participants. The government further encouraged private participation by allowing players to build multi-storeyed housing. All these changes influenced an upward pressure on property prices. The case study tries to explore the supply and demand gaps in the market, role of government and private players and challenges of affordable housing. Pedagogical objectives: ? The case identifies the fundamental market forces of demand, supply and price for increase in housing demand in the city ? The case study explores the various stakeholders and their role in affordable housing, especially the Case Christ University Institute of Management
Sl.No. Title Place of Publication ISBN No. Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Presenter 43rd world Management Congress Impact of ingredient Brand Oreo on Brand equity of Host brands 16/12/2022 Christ University International
2 Conference Co-presenter International Conference on Digital Marketing Experiences? 27/10/2021 Jain Deemed to be University International
3 Conference Co-presenter Drivers of Global Economic Recovery 23/04/2021 Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies International
4 Conference Presenter Industry 4.0: Innovation, Transformation & Business Strategies ?I4.0 and Economic Policy - Lags and Laggards? 07/04/2021 Christ University National
5 Conference Participant Let us Dream Triennial International Virtual conference 20/11/2020 Christ University International
6 Symposium Panelist Doctoral Committee expert meet 15/10/2020 Dayanand Sagar University Institutional
7 Conference Presenter 10th Virtual International conference on Corporate Governance Leadership and Governance Challenges for 3rd Millennium Corporate Governance is the Game-changer in the Indian banking Industry- An Investigation 05/10/2020 Institute of Public Enterprise International
8 Symposium Panelist Doctoral Committee 23/06/2020 Dayanand Sagar Institutional
9 Seminar Participant Where to draw the line-Webinar 05/06/2020 Christ University Institutional
10 Seminar Participant Professional excellence and Politics in Institutions and organizations 28/05/2020 Christ University National
11 Symposium Panelist Selection Committee 17/01/2020 Karnatka State Akkamahadevi Women's University Regional
12 Conference Presenter An International Conference on Economics and Finance The Impact of External Economic Factors on GDP growth of Emerging Markets 13/12/2019 SVKMS NMIMS, Bangalore International
13 Conference Presenter International Conference on Science Engineering and Supply Chain Management(ICSESCM-2019) Service Supply Chain-Lean and Green practices adopted by Indian Banks 22/11/2019 Institute for Engineering Research and Publication International
14 Conference Presenter International Conference on Transormational Strategies for Business Sustainability Regional Budgetary Allocation for Smart City Mission in India 04/10/2019 Christ University International
15 Conference Presenter Eight National Conference On Case Studies Fiscal Policy and Budget Management 16/08/2019 Christ University National
16 Conference Presenter International Conference on Finance and Economics Risk Perception among aspiring trading investors in Investment decision making 09/02/2019 Christ University International
17 Conference Presenter Economic Growth and Sustainable Development:Emerging trend Has Waves of Techinfonomics expanded productive capacity 23/11/2018 Christ University International
18 Conference Presenter International Conference A study on the analysis of expenditure pattern on R & D with respect to India 08/11/2016 Christ University International
19 Conference Presenter Financial Innovation:An gengine of growth or instability - Christ University National
20 Conference Presenter Investment Inflows to Foster Economic Development - Christ University National
21 Participant Infrastructure for Sustainable Development Organi - Maharani's College Bangalore Institutional
22 Participant Economic Reforms & Fiscal Management in India - Maharani's College Bangalore Regional
23 Participant Inter-disciplinary International Conference - UAS Bangalore International
24 Participant Economic Reforms and Employment Generation - ICWA at National College Bangalore National
25 Participant Environment and Ecological Sustainability in Indi - Maharani's College Bangalore Regional
26 Participant New Paradigm of Competitiveness- Positioning Manag - CMR Management College Bangalore Regional
27 Participant Business Challenges and strategies - Christ University National
28 Conference Presenter Preliminary Indicators in the Performance of State of India in Enhancing Productivity - Christ University Regional
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Product Development Economics Final year BE students 19/01/2023 School of Engineering and Technology
2 Workshop on research Methodology International Baccalaureate Diploma Program 18/08/2015 IBDP Christ PU college
Sl.No. Title Genre Producer Copyrights
Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 A study on the prospects of the Fertilizer Industry for sustainable market match Mr.Phillip Mathemera Christ University
2 Leadership Innovation: A paradigm shift from Follower ship to Partnership Mr.Patson Dzamara Christ University
3 A Study on the Prospects of Zimbabwe Fertiliser Industry for a Sustainable Market Match Philip Mathemera Christ University May 2018
Sl.No. Title of Invention Inventor(s) Filing Date
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
1 Yield Management in Hotel Industry Christ University Institute of Management Internal
2 Mapping Social Work Perspectives in Corporate Social Responsibility HEMALATHA R, BINO THOMAS Internal
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Role Date
1 Design thinking Workshop Christ Deemed to be University. Institutional Participant & Presenter 15/12/2022
2 How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Project-Centered Course) École Polytechnique International Participant & Presenter 15/06/2021
3 ECONOMETRIC METHODS AND APPLICATIONS[LEARN FROM ZERO] Nodal Office, Christ National Participant & Presenter 12/09/2020
4 Case Study Learning School of Business and Management & Centre for Case research and Development Institutional Participant & Presenter 11/08/2020
5 ?Analysis of Time Series Data using E-views Department of MBA, IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad National Participant 30/07/2020
6 30M Training. Microsoft Teams Christ University Institutional Participant 10/07/2020
7 Application of Econometrics in Business Research School of Business and Management National Participant 23/06/2020
8 Application of Econometrics in Business Research School of Business and Management Christ University National Participant 23/06/2020
9 FDP-Digital Marketing IIM B National Participant 22/05/2020
10 Learning to Teach Online University of New South Wales Sydney International Participant 21/05/2020
11 Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities Lund University International Participant 20/04/2020
12 Quality Improvement program Academic Staff College Participant 20/05/2019
13 Teaching Summer School,Accounting Indian Institute of Management, National Participant 22/04/2019
14 Finance for Non-Finance,MDP Institute of Management Regional Participant 12/04/2019
15 Case Study Workshop Christ University Regional Participant & Presenter 17/01/2019
16 National Workshop on Data Analysis Christ University National Participant 25/10/2018
17 QIP Christ University Participant 21/05/2018
18 Summer Workshop Christ University Institutional Participant 17/04/2018
19 Workshop on SEM National Institute of Technology Regional Participant 28/04/2017
20 National Level Summer workshop Christ University National Participant 17/04/2017
21 Stratgeic Management Christ University Insitute of Management National - 29/11/2013
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Reviewer Had reviewed a research article entitled Kenyan Exports: Tax incentives, Firm traits, Firm-Level, and Macroeconomic determinants Asian journal of Economics,Business & Accounting, 27 December 2021
2 Reviewer A research article was reviewed entitled ASSESSMENT OF CREDIT RISK IDENTIFICATION ON LOAN REPAYMENT PERFORMANCE OF SACCOS IN IMENTI SOUTH SUB-COUNTY, MERU Asian Journal of Economics,Business and Accounting 24 March 2023
3 Reviewer Reviewed an article entitled An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis and Malmquist Productivity Index in the Development of Human Capital of ASEAN-5 countries Thailand World Economy 07 November 2022
4 Nominee Executive Council An invite to be part of executive meet on education program, students welfare and other discussion related to budget. Based on agenda of chair minutes are made. Opinion and suggestions are discussed and consented with other members during the meet. Mostly attended online meets. Jamia Millia Islamia 14 March 2022
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