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1 Conference Presenter Digital and data driven decision making for business and management A study on the consumption pattern of dark chocolate amongst young adults 17/02/2021 Dayanand Sagar University International
2 Conference Presenter NCETB 2020 Corporate Goverance & its Implications on Firms Performance 27/02/2020 Christ University National
3 Conference Presenter international Conference on challenges, Opportunites and Trends in New age Management and education Emerging Importance of Employee Focused Corporate Social Responsibility Programs I n Corporates. 22/02/2018 Dayanda Sagar University International
4 Conference Moderator/Chair NCETB 19/02/2018 Christ University National
5 Conference Presenter NCETB Impact of Employee Empowerment on Job Satisfaction 19/02/2018 Christ University National
6 Conference Presenter NCETB The Effect of Psychological Contract on Retention of Employees 19/02/2018 Christ University National
7 Conference Presenter Conference on Emerging Trends in Business Role of Employee focused CSR programms in Community capacity building 19/02/2018 Christ University National
8 Conference Panelist A Paradigm Shift in Managing Enterprise ? The Emerging future? 17/03/2017 Christ University National
9 Conference Moderator/Chair interdisciplinary conference on management and Social science 10/03/2017 Christ University National
10 Seminar Keynote Speaker Three Day International Seminar infrastructure -Industrialization and Development : Forward Linkages from global Models 16/02/2017 University Of Kerala International
11 Conference Moderator/Chair ICETB -2017 16/02/2017 Christ University International
12 Conference Presenter International Conference A Study on the Growing Influence of Social Media and Digital Marketing on the Behaviour of Consumers Today 16/02/2017 Christ University International
13 Conference Presenter International Conference A Comparitive Study on Impact of Demonetization Accross Various Sectors of Indian Market 16/02/2017 Christ University International
14 Conference Presenter International Conference Team and Interpersonal Effectiveness Through Successful Visioning: A Proposed Conceptual Model 16/02/2017 Christ University International
15 Conference Presenter International Conference Ease of Doing Business in India: An Assessment of the Stagnating Ran 16/02/2017 Christ University International
16 Conference Presenter International Conference Factors Influencing Employee Intention to stay with the project in Semi Conductor Industry 07/02/2017 Christ University International
17 Conference Presenter International Conference Facilitating Protege Career Development through Skills of Mentors 07/02/2017 Christ University International
18 Conference Moderator/Chair International Conference 07/02/2017 Christ University International
19 Keynote Speaker International seminar 09/01/2017 Little Flowe Degree College ,Hydrabad and dept of Commerce Osmania University International
20 Keynote Speaker National Seminar on GST 08/12/2016 Government College for Women , Thiruvanthapurum National
21 Keynote Speaker Ntional Seminar on Goods and Services Tax 08/12/2016 Government College for Women , Thiruvanthapurum National
22 Presenter International Conference on Emerging Economies through Sustainabilty and innovations in Business Sustainability of CSR in Indian Companies 08/11/2016 Christ University Institute Of Management v International
23 Moderator/Chair International Conference on Emerging Economies through Sustainabilty and innovations in Business 08/11/2016 Christ University Institute Of Management International
24 Conference Presenter Work life balance among working women - Christ University National
25 Conference Presenter A study on impact of micro-finance on the saving pattern of the member of the SHG's in Belthangadi Taluk, Karnataka - Christ University National
26 Conference Presenter organizational performance with employee attitude and behavior respect to IT industry - Christ University National
27 Conference Presenter Women Empowerment & Economic growth - Christ University International
28 Conference Presenter The Changing global dynamics: The new paradigms of corporate social responsibility and business ethics - Christ University International
29 Conference Presenter An Exploratory Study on Organizational culture of IT Companies - Christ University International
30 Conference Presenter Emerging Paradigm in Mergers and Acquisition - Christ University International
31 Conference Presenter The Changing global dynamics: The New Paradigms of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics. - Christ University International
32 Conference Presenter Study on work life balance of women employees in organized retail sector - Christ University National
33 Conference Presenter Entrepreneurship and organizational knowledge for a sustainable corporate environment: A theoretical framework - Christ University National
34 Conference Presenter Women Entrepreneurship - Christ University National
35 Conference Presenter Work ethics and value systems fact-finding study of corporate practices - Christ University National
36 Participant National Seminar on Emerging Trend In Business - Christ University, Department of Management Studies National
37 Participant National Seminar on Empirical Research And Data An - RDC Institutional
38 Conference Presenter Managing Stress - A study on Working Women - Christ University International
39 Conference Presenter The Changing global dynamics: The New Paradigms of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics - Christ University International
40 Conference Presenter Human Resource Development in Asia: Capitalizing on Human Expertise for Greater innovation and Creativity selected under the best ten papers in the international category - Christ University International
41 Seminar Presenter Work life balance- A case study on Working Women - Christ University National
42 Conference Presenter Indian Companies with Solution that the World Needs - Christ University National
43 Participant Faculty Development Programme - Deanery of Commerce and Management Institutional
44 Conference Presenter Effect of Organizational culture on performance of Employees in Acquired Companies. - Christ University Institutional
45 Conference Presenter Research -Cluster Level - Christ University Institutional
46 Conference Presenter Women and leadership - Christ University International
47 Conference Presenter Managing Stress-A study on working women - Christ University International
48 Conference Presenter A Study on the changing trends in social media &its impact globally - Christ University National
49 Conference Presenter Organisational performance with employee attitude and behaviour respect to IT industry , Bangalore - Christ University National
50 Conference Presenter Work Life Balance Among Working Women - Christ University National
51 Conference Presenter Innovation Management and Business Prospect - Christ University International
52 Participant National Seminar - ICSSR and Economics Dept Of Christ University and National
53 Conference Presenter The Effect of Urbanization on Real estate Stock prices and Property Prices. - Christ University National
54 Participant 7th International Whitehead Conference - Christ University International
55 Participant National Seminar On Inclusive growth - Economics Department ChristUniversity National
56 Participant Corporate Governance Workshop - Christ University, CUIM National
57 Participant International Conference on Managing the Asian Cen - Lamar University College of Business, Texas USA International
58 Participant Emerging Trends in Business - Dept Of Management Studies, Christ University National
59 Participant Financial Sector Reforms In India .UGC sponsored S - Dept of Commerce , K.E. College , Kerala National
60 Participant Autonomy & Quality Assurance in Higher Education - - IQAC Centre , KE College , Mannanam,Kerala National
61 Participant National Seminar on sustainable development and Ke - Dept of Commerce, University of Kerala National
62 Participant IFRS an Indian Experience - UGC and Attigal College National
63 Participant UGC sponsored National Seminar - St Stephens College Pathanapurum National
64 Conference Presenter Impact of Organizational culture and Job Satisfaction on Employee's Intention to stay- A study on Semi-conductor Sector - Christ University International
65 Participant UGC HRD Centre, Faculty Development Programme - Kannur University National
66 Participant International Seminar - Kerala University International
67 Participant national Conference - Dept of Management Studies National
68 Conference Presenter RBI's monetary policy changes & its impact on the market shares - Christ University National
69 Conference Presenter Impact of CSR activities on Financial Performance - Christ University National
70 Participant UGC sponsored National Semina - St Stephens College Pathanapuru National
71 Participant international Conference - De Paul College Mysore National
72 Participant 4th International Conference on Managing Human Res - SDMIMD International
73 Conference Presenter What motives an Employee to do a particular Project? A review of Literature. - Christ University International
74 Participant AIRO international Symposium - De paul college & AIRIO International
75 Conference Presenter Ease of Doing Business in India - Christ University International
76 Seminar Presenter Financial Inclusion and socio economic status of rural households - key note address - Christ University National
77 Other Presenter Amendments of Companies Act 2013 on Corporate Governance - Christ University Regional
78 Participant National Sreminar - Christ university Commerce Department National
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Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title of Invention Inventor(s) Filing Date
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
1 Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Model For Socio-Economic And Environmental Protection Dr Leena James Christ University Internal
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year


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